India to EU Rapamune import WITH prescription?

EU countries seems to nearly always check packages from India and will destroy any package with rapamycin at least if there’s no prescription attached (even if rapamune, which AFAIK is the only approved form in the EU - generics would not fly).

Have anyone tried to buy it from Indian vendors with a EU prescription? So you get a prescription from e.g. EUdoctor and have the Indian vendor add it to the package. Does this work?

Just get it from your local pharmacy and make your insurance pay for it

Medicines are forbidden to import in EU even with prescription for private citizens (only pharmaceutical companies are allowed importing medicines).
Just get EU doctor prescription and get in at your local pharmacy. Usual price un many EU countries is around 110-120 eur for 30x1mg rapamune.
It is difficult to get insurance cover it, you would need a friend(ly) doctor that would first give you a diagnosis that covers rapamycin. There are not a lot of conditions that are covered besides organ transplants.


You don’t need a diagnosis just a prescription from your doctor

Yes, but doctor needs to put the diagnosis in the system or prescribe it off label and I don’t know many doctors that are willing to take risk with rapamycin since it has a really bad rep… my husband is a doctor and I had to pull some emotional strings to get my prescription :sweat_smile: but my PCP wasn’t willing to get me one and she is a good friend too…


Not in the Netherlands and I couldn’t imagine that anywhere in the EU insurance company can know the diagnosis…

Sure they don’t know it, but they see that a doctor prescribed it (for example in my country rapamycin is only registered for several conditions and first prescription needs to be issued in hospital to be covered by insurance). And they would not harass me, but might ask questions to my doctor. And this is not just hypothetical, because they just investigated off label use of semaglutide and harassed doctors for its off label use for obesity that is not covered by insurance. But for me personally the biggest obstacle is that if I get insurance prescription it is marked in my medical records and every doctor I go to would see that I take rapamycin and I don’t necessarily want unnecessary questions…

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Thanks for clarifying, that was my impression also. I will try the local pharmacy route.

Re: insurance. Doubt many doctors would give me a fake diagnosis and risk their license, the ones I’ve talked to who are friends won’t even prescribe a “white” prescription where you have to cover the full cost yourself!

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A friend’s mother has soft tissue sarcoma near her bladder. She lives in Belgium. He plans to fly from the US to to take his children to visit their grandmother soon. He is interested in getting her Rapamycin. It looks like getting medication from offshore in the EU is more difficult than it is here in the United states. I read that the Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe that will sell mail order prescription medicine. Might that be a useful way for him to take care of his mother? I see at least one of the people in this forum is a physician in Holland. Could we PM?

It seems people in Europe are having the best luck with the Telemedicine service EUDoc, or buying without prescription from BGPharma:

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