Increasing Muscle Mass in the Elderly

Yeah, @CTStan, I’ll join you and @desertshores in a friendly competition. I’m 75, weigh about 135, and have been a fitness buff for many years. I don’t measure myself, but I try to pass the eye test.


Point is well taken, @Jay. I completely agree it seems counter-intuitive to be trying to add weight when my BMI is optimal, just because of my age. There are 2 reasons why I am putting in the effort to do so.

  1. My doctor, as I mentioned, strongly recommended gaining weight on two different visits. And this is no ordinary doc. Besides being a traditionally trained internist, his practice includes longevity medicine and he is himself on a rapamycin and senolytics regimen very similar to mine. It took me 4years to find him and dismissal of a succession of physicians whose opinions, to me, weren’t worth crap, as @desertshores might put it. So I give serious consideration to his advice.

  2. When I was down to 142 lbs a lady friend told me I looked emaciated. I’m obviously not, but I did look better heavier and vanity is a strong motivator. Maybe this is really my reason number one.

My next visit is in January. It will be my 1 year anniversary, will include my annual physical and you can be sure I will ask for an explanation.

I’ve begun my muscle mass gaining program. I’m really enjoying the challenge.

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Very happy to have some more participants @Tim.

To each, whatever you want to do, but I found that once I posted my beginning stats, it felt like my commitment was on the record and there could be no backing out.

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@AnUser, this is the best synopsis of enclomipheme that I’ve seen or read. I took 25 ml per day and my T quintupled, from 200 to 1100. Among some other side effects, such as acne and swollen feet, it did more to reshape my psyche than my physique. What I mean is that it made more aggressive, virtually changing my personality. I quit on the day I got my blood test back.

I don’t buy it. I tried clomid and my T went down, from 350 to 180. There seems to be a lot of variability in the responses to both clomid and enclomiphene. I don’t think we’ve seen a definitive study, and maybe we never will.

@CTStan, I have shoulder problems, so I can’t do chin-ups and push-ups anymore. But I do have one of those spring-loaded devices that builds the chest muscles. So I’ll just enter in one category.

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I will be testing in a week or so after being on clomiphene for approx. one month.
Maybe it will show some directional change even after just one month.
So, far I have had no side effects except for real or imagined increased energy levels at the gym.
I will stay the course for at least 3 months to give it a fair test.

Clomiphene is used primarily to induce fertilization in women who don’t ovulate. Some guys that have used it say that it makes them feel emotional and even weepy.


That’s all this site needs is a weepy …emotional desertshores. Not going to happen…


True there!
I am taking DIM which is supposed to balance the estradiol hormone levels.
I am surprised the users who didn’t get good results didn’t titrate their doses until they got the right amount of T.
So far I haven’t experienced any mood changes, but it does seem to be giving me more energy.


You can add my chest measurement,40, and height 74".


My weekend rant/blog:

While some have reported unwanted side effects from taking clomiphene, the literature suggests that clomiphene is a safe and good alternative to TRT.

It seems especially good for older males as it does not increase estrogen as much in older men.

I believe that even this can be mitigated by taking clomiphene with a DIM supplement.

I am using an enclomiphene supplement from India which is probably just clomiphene as the box says it is equivalent to enclomiphene. A drug called anastrozole can also be used to lower estrogen levels if needed.

Clomiphene has been used as an alternative to TRT since at least 1991. It is provided even by some TRT clinics but is not featured as it is a magnitude less profitable than traditional TRT.

“Taylor and Levine in an observational study compared the biochemical efficacy of CC to exogenous gel treatment (testosterone replacement therapy [TRT]) in 104 men (65 CC vs 39 on TRT). The groups were not strictly identical but demonstrated comparable increases in testosterone with an 182 $ monthly savings in the CC group.”

All of the studies that I have looked at indicate that side effects are minimal. I don’t know where all of these anecdotal negative side effects are coming from. My guess is from improper dosage.

This is the typical bottom line from many papers:

“CC represents a viable treatment option for men with hypogonadism demonstrating biochemical and clinical efficacy with no side effects and lower cost as compared with TGRT. More study via prospective, large-scale, multicenter trials assessing hypogonadal symptom response to CC would provide additional support for its use in the hypogonadal male without an elevated serum LH”

So, in any case, my 1-month blood work is coming up soon and I will see how my results compare with studies. After starting at 25mg daily, enclomiphene/clomid from India, for one week I decided to take 50mg every other day instead of splitting the pills in two.


I started taking lactoferrin a couple months ago. This is a by product of the cheese industry. They take it out of the whey. Anyway my Iron went up from 12 to 15 pretty quickly. I was taking it for other reasons. Had no idea it would do that, in fact I thought it would go the other way.

Just FYI,


I read that lactoferrin was supposed to give you iron only if you needed it. Is that what happened?

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That’s what I thought too. I’m not as well read on Iron as I want to be. I’ve been going to read a book about it but am still taking advantage of the amazing weather here. Then last night I was in a small explosion that blew the hair and eyebrows off the right side of my head and 2nd degree burns on my upper right arm. Short time in the ER and thank God it is not worse. It could have been. I’m getting too old for this.


Wow. Good luck with your injuries. Sounds scary.

Updated spreadsheet:

Great find, I am always amazed at how many potential beneficial compounds are out there.

This is great for me because I have below ferritin levels and a low red blood cell count.

So, how to build red blood cells without introducing the toxic effects of iron?

This might be the answer.

“Results: oral administration of bovine lactoferrin (BLf) significantly increases the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin, serum ferritin and total iron after thirty days of the treatment. BLf is a more effective and safe alternative than elemental iron for treating iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.”

Effect of Lactoferrin Supplementation on Iron Deficiency Anemia in Primary School Children.


jjrap1, 180#, 73", chest: 40.5", biceps= L: 13 1/2, R: 13 5/8


I have used transdermal compunded testosterone on off for about 20 years. I have a homozygous SNP that converts testosterone to estradiol. Taking T just makes my estradiol higher.

My current PCP is an expert on hormones and put me on anastrozole, 0.5m/day that blocks this conversion.