In Person Meetup Groups

This interests me as well. Particularly 17-alpha-Estradiol.


Same here: in person or online.

Is there anyone from Australia :joy:

I thought I would give this a bump up. I will check with the speaker at some point, but this is planned for Friday 10th.


Thx for bumping and I plan to attend your zoom. Thx for setting it up. I probably can’t log on before 6:15pm your time. Looking forward…

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Can I assume this is still on for tomorrow ?


I checked with Dr Loh a couple of days ago and we are ready for takeoff.


Just for the rest of us in the US, I believe 6pm London time tomorrow translates to:
1pm NY Time
10am California time


A quick bounce for this topic.

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this has just started. join in!

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Thank you @John_Hemming!

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Yes - thanks for organizing the talk John.

Probably not a bad thing to have a reminder that rapamycin and mTORC1 is very complex and we still don’t have many answers in terms of details about its impact on people on varying dosing schedules and variations in nutrient inputs, etc., to say nothing of mTORC2. I took this as a cautionary effort by Dr. Loh, in essence to remind us to be careful as things are complex and we don’t fully understand the interactions in our own specific cases.

For many of us I suspect the technical depth was greater than we are used to. To maximize the benefits from these types of events for all involved it might be helpful in the future to characterize the anticipated technical knowledge of the participants, and to pre-identify some questions that we are generally interested in.


Thanks @John_Hemming for organizing that talk.

I found the talk was very interesting and I was pretty happy that it did go into much more depth than the usual talks.
BTW I would be interested in the references to the papers she mentioned.


I saw the references (doi) on the slides. If there are some that are missing post them here and I will email questions to her.

I have the video now and will post it as a new topic.

My own personal view is that we should target the rapamycin community videos at a higher level than many of the videos that are available.

However, I think they should be driven by what people want.


Thanks @John_Hemming that was very interesting. I agree that the deeper dive is more valuable as it is hard to find. I find I start to feel too confident in my understanding (of whatever) when I only hear the same watered down simplistic explanations for diseases and interventions. I feel very appreciative whenever I am shocked out of my confidence (my sense of having a handle on what is happening in my body and how to intervene).

My takeaway is that my body is magnificently complex. It will adapt to whatever stimulus I give it so I must be careful to send the right signals. Drugs and supplements should be chosen carefully and with regret for the side effects I am accepting.


Any suggestions as to a future event?


  • what do they do
  • what goes wrong in aging
  • what can we do to keep them healthy
  • what can we stop doing that is contributing to Mito problems

Sounds a good subject.

I have sent an email to a potential presenter about Mitochondria.