Improving Access to Plasmapheresis / TPE / Young Blood Therapies for Aging

Plasmapheresis and young blood plasma therapies continue to have very positive results in longevity / health research and clinical trials (and anecdotally from users visiting private clinics that provide the service).

I wanted to start a thread that focuses just on the issue of how to get broader access (or simply lower cost) to what I think is increasingly likely to be a significant longevity therapy in the near future. It would be helpful i think to brainstorm on how we might improve access and lower cost for this therapy so that everyone visiting here might be able to get access to it if they want.

Right now the cost is about $6,000 per 3 hour session. Nobody has yet done studies on what the optimal frequency is for longevity / health benefits, but it seems to me that its likely that “more is better”. The closer you can get your blood to what it was at 17 years old (or so), it seems the higher would be the benefits.

Join in the discussion on how we might lower the cost and improve access to this therapeutic approach: Lowering the Cost / Improving Access for Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (Plasmapheresis)