Immune system and aging

A short search on rapamycin suggests that it has the effect of suppressing the immune system. This leads me quickly to wonder if the immune system has a causative role in aging.

It is known that the immune system changes with aging. What I wonder is if the changes in the immune system might cause aging. Anyone have any info to support or disprove this?

Thanks, Beth

Hi, and welcome to the site.

Actually, a better description of rapamycin is that it is an immune system modulator. At lower doses its been shown to enhance the immune system function, and at higher doses (with other medications used in concert with rapamycin) it can help lower the immune system function.

I’m not aware of any research that would suggest that the immune system is actually involved in causing aging.

A good video to watch is this one below, and I’ve linked directly to the part of the discussion of rapamycin and its impact on the immune system here:

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Thanks very much, I appreciate the info. I’m just starting to learn about this, so the video is going to be very useful.


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