How to Reverse Skin Aging

Bryan Johnson has recently updated the blueprint website with his protocol for maximizing skin health…

Skin Health


  • Multi Spectral Imaging
  • Autofluorescence
  • Merz


  • Forehead wrinkles 70+
  • Red areas 70+
  • UV spots: 63
  • Pores 50: 50
  • Autofluorescence: 45
  • Facial Age: 31


  • Face wash
  • Other active creams
  • Vit C, E, ferulic, B3, azelaic etc
  • Cerave am face
  • Cerave body
  • Cerave pm face
  • Tretinoin .1%
  • UVA+B mineral sunscreen
  • UV environmental filters


  • Total body multi-wavelength IPL
  • Total body laser (532nm + 1064nm)
  • Micro-pulsed laser
  • Whole body LED

If anyone has experience with any of these, please post them, as I am new to all of these (though I’ve seen people talking about LED and red light therapy).

Regarding IPL - I found this:

Some data on IPL and its uses and costs:

An IPL device works by delivering an arc of light energy that penetrates all levels of the skin, without harming the surface (the epidermis), so there’s little to no downtime afterward.

This light treatment can be performed on the face, hands, neck, chest, and legs. The size of the head of the IPL device is usually larger than most laser spot sizes, which allows for rapid treatment of large body areas.

Most people need a series of IPL photofacial treatments to see optimal results. They’re typically performed three to four weeks apart

More information and pricing:

I’m not sure what this is: " * Total body laser (532nm + 1064nm)"

But perhaps these laser treatments are identifications for it:

Affirm Laser:

Laser Genesis:

Pulsed Dye Laser:

and LED Light Therapy:


I had IPL treatment for hands to remove mild sun damage. It works very well, a little painful. Spots become darker at first and then fade in 1-2 weeks. I had only one treatment and it was enough for my goal. Never used it on face (don’t have sun damage on my face).


Just read this - with many on here using metformin or acarbose - Diabetes Type 2 related drugs. Here are ones we might not want to use if we want to have a youthful appearance. The drugs Ozempic and Wegovy that contain semaglutide and tirzepatide.

Link: What is Ozempic? Why stars risk aging faces for weight-loss drug

Hmmmm? I will stick with acarbose and its gassy side-effects.


Sun protection is the number number number one thing you can do. It’s much more effective to prevent UV damage than reverse it. And most skin aging is UV damage, not intrinsic aging, though that does start to happen.

But you can see this very clearly in people are 70+ and have basically perfect skin in areas that clothes covered their whole life, but extremely damaged skin in the head and arms. Sure there is some loss of elasticity but it is nothing compared to what the UV damage does.


@LaraPo i have the meso gun from AliExpress but am not sure what to inject and don’t want to get it wrong. Perfectly comfortable with regular Dr Pen microneedling which I do now and then and works well. Can you tell me more about CytoCare 532 or what else can be injected for best results?

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Any product for mesotherapy can be injected with the gun you have and there are many products on the market. It’s not possible though to buy any products in the US unless you are a licensed professional. I buy from a cyber pharmacy located in Monte Carlo. I have been using them for years and find them reliable. I used CytoCare by Revitacare, Cellbooster Lift by Suisselle, and Mesohyal by Mesoestetic. I never used injection gun for the reason that it’s hard to use on yourself (heavy and handle is long). It’s designed to be used on somebody else. I inject manually, using 3-5cc syringes for better control and different techniques. Mesogun doesn’t allow linear injections. Linear infections can be done only manually.