How to Buy Rapamycin, What is the Cost?

The Best and most common way to buy rapamycin (this is what most of us do, and what we really recommend to anyone interested in rapamycin):

  1. Get a doctor’s prescription for rapamycin and purchase with a prescription. This is done by contacting one of the doctors who is prescribing rapamycin for aging. See our list of doctors prescribing rapamycin for aging.
  2. Note that Rapamycin for aging won’t be covered by insurance / healthcare programs (yet) so you’ll need to plan to pay for it yourself.
  3. Once you have a prescription, you can purchase either the brand name drug (Pfizer Rapamune) or the generic sirolimus. Brand name pricing seems to be about 300% to 500% higher than the generic medication. But, there seem to be increasing evidence that generic medications available in the US and in other countries (but manufactured in India and China), are riskier than the brand name products manufactured in the US. But, few people will probably want to pay for the brand drug version of rapamycin (Pfizer Rapamune) because its so expensive, and not covered by insurance. So, read on for less expensive options…

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