How does one get a siRNA shot like inclisiran (for PCSK9 inhibitors) or patisiran?

Supposedly you only need it like once a year to lower LDL-C?

In August 2018, in a landmark decision, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first siRNA-based drug, patisiran (Alnylam Therapeutics) to treat polyneuropathy in patients with hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis[21] marking a new era for the very rapidly growing field of RNAi therapeutics. As of today, four siRNAs therapeutics have been approved by the FDA, namely patisiran (delivered via lipid nanoparticles),[22] givosiran, lumasiran, and inclisiran (siRNAs that are chemically conjugated to GalNAc).[23]


I’m going to talk to my doctor the next time I see him… I think thats the only way.

Standard dosing is every 6 months (after 1 shot at baseline and another at 3 months), but this medication will almost certainly cost thousands of dollars for a single dose and will require a prescription from a licensed health care provider. If you have medical insurance, you’ll have to get prior authorization which typically requires documented history of cardiovascular disease along with high LDL cholesterol despite maximal tolerated dose of a statin drug and/or ezetimibe.