How do you modify diet/exercise timing with respect to weekly rapamycin schedule?

Hi all, new user here who really appreciates all the great information and resources on this forum. I’m planning to start rapamycin later this month by taking a weekly dose of 1mg rapacan with nuts and a grapefruit.

For weekly dosing, what would an optimal diet/exercise schedule look like? Are there supplements you try to take (or avoid) with rapamycin? Are there other things you do differently during the days around the rapamycin dose?

For example, I would presume it may be better to limit protein intake on days around the rapamycin dose and to avoid high intensity exercise (moving these activities to the opposite end of the week), but would really want to hear thoughts from an experienced user who has modified their schedule.


Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Your plan sounds reasonable, as far as starting dose and foods.

Given the current state of the research on rapamycin with healthy people (i.e. minimal) all we can do is make a reasonable guestimate on the exercise and diet, etc.

I don’t modify my exercise program due to rapamycin dosing, but if you want to get maximum benefit from your exercise its probably not a bad idea to shift your exercise program away from the peak blood/sirolimus levels (typically 2 to 4 hours after dosing). But I think any exercise is good exercise…

I recommend you read these threads on the topic to get the full discussion, and yes, avoiding things that activate mTOR just prior to dosing rapamycin perhaps not a bad idea, but I’ve not seen any clinical validation on that. We don’t have any good ways to measure autophagy in humans in the clinic right now - so we don’t know how it changes over the rapamycin dosing period, or even know what the optimal level is for a given age… so I’m suspecting its not a lot of value to overthink this issue about scheduling / timing and foods to eat during rapamycin dosing regimens.

As far as foods/diets that might conflict with rapamycin, see this thread:

Perhaps other people here have other commentary and opinions…


If this is your first time taking Rapa, I would question taking it with foods that will alter the dose you get. An unnecessary complication. Take the Rapa alone to see if you get any adverse reactions.


Agree caution is warranted, I might change to 0.5mg to be on the safe side, but I eat pistachios each day and the occasional grapefruit anyways so I might as well get the synergistic effects.

Thanks! the rapamycin interactions thread is especially informative, I have some old berberine lying around that I might add into the mix later on. It does seem rapamycin can produce some unfavorable changes to blood sugar/lipids that can be ameliorated. ITP trial for rapamycin+metformin also seemed to produce some synergistic effects.

I’ll add to the exercise discussion that resistance training 24 hours or less before rapa dosing can result in delayed recovery…prolonged soreness (my experience). My schedule includes a hard weight workout Friday evening before a Sunday AM rapa dose (36 hours). My next hard weight workout is Monday evening. …34 hours post rapa and 3 days since the previous workout. Low intensity exercise in between helps (waking, easy riding).