How do i get into Rapamycin study

I’ve been taking rapamune now for 3 month 3,000 mg vatimin…
This is more than likely not the best med or dosage and administration…
Please help me get into a rapamycin study after all I’m a 100% service connected disabled veteran and i need all the help i can get / please…thx u.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. I think this study is still recruiting - contact them and see if you can get in:

There is also a group that seems to be documenting the outcomes and working with doctors that is a commercial Telehealth company that might meet your needs. Its not a clinical trial, but they are a new company and following customers closely.


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“healthspan” is where I get my Rapa from. The package will arrive tomorrow. I’m still hesitating about whether I should take it or not, as I’m 25 years old, so the benefits may be surpassed by the downsides.