Hevolution Foundation presentation at ECMI Conference, Geroscience, and Longevity Medicine

I’ve been following the presentation commentary on the European Congress of Internal Medicine Conference taking place this week in Malaga, Spain.

Here are some of the slides and commentary from the presentations:

Dr. Felipe Sierra, Hevolution Foundation Chief Scientific Officer:

Geroscience: concept: a mix between biology of Diseases and biology of Aging.

Longevity Medicine, by Dr. Evelyne Y. Bischof

Podcast discussion with Dr. Bischof on Longevity Medicine:


A lot of big data, genome sequencing, precision medicine, and big $$. The full suite to do a complete biometric scan, testing and monitoring protocol will likely only be attainable those who can afford it. It would bankrupt government healthcare, no politicians will support.

The model here is funding existing scientific groups based in IVY League Institutions to assist in progress at a much rapid pace. Dr. Mehmood Khan, Dr. Felipe Sierra, Dr. Nir Barzilai, Dr. Sinclair, Life Biosciences and many others. This is the best example of putting the money to good use. Other more developed countries should follow this example.