Hevolution Foundation: New Office Opens in Boston (BostonGlobe)

The Hevolution Foundation is slowly starting to get some press coverage, but still seems to be moving at a glacial pace.

Saudi fund sets up in Boston to plow $1 billion a year into research and drugs to extend life

Khan said Hevolution is seeking to fill funding gaps for research into extending human life. Less than 10 percent of the budget of the National Institutes of Health underwrites longevity research.

The foundation’s mission, however, reaches beyond helping people to live longer, Khan said. The goal is to help them enjoy a “healthy lifespan” without debilitating disease.

“We’re not just interested in purely extending longevity,” he said. “We want to compress the years of illness and disease.”

While the foundation has begun awarding research grants, it won’t announce its first investments in biotech startups until later this year. Khan said Hevolution has already identified more than 150 companies as potential investment candidates.

Full story here: https://archive.ph/T9fiB

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