Head Transplant / Body Transplant

Probably better if I could have posted this around Halloween, but it presents a frightening enough yet perhaps enticing possibility any time of the year…

That viral video showing a head transplant is a fake but it might be real someday (warning/very graphic)

i read the news of the head replacement surgery in China succeed a few years ago…

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Now what if what makes you special is actually your gut microbiome? :wink:


Transplanting that is a much simpler procedure.


Anyone else see this on late night TV way back when?


Wouldn’t it also a good transgender surgery to have other gender body?

This concept of the “body transplant” has been in discussion for a while in this thread: Longevity Resources from the Foresight Institute, Body Transplants, etc


I hadn’t seen the earlier thread.

Eerily interesting, but I wonder why not just clone a new body, accelerate its aging to adult hood, and just transplant the brain (Frankenstein style).

I expect surprising dreams tonight.

See the “Renewal Bio” presentation that touches upon this topic: Highlights from the 2023 Longevity Summit - #8 by RapAdmin

Too bad about “your” brain that was in the younger clone body, I guess.