Has anyone had experience with LDN

This came into my mailbox this morning

Enhance, Energize, Transform

Today we are introducing the Healthspan Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) protocol. The protocol exploits LDN’s ability to elevate energy levels, promote neuronal health, tackle chronic inflammation, increase insulin sensitivity, manage chronic pain, and much more.

Healthspan only provides treatment recommendations when a wealth of research data substantiates their use. LDN, backed by a strong body of clinical evidence, emerges as one of the most intriguing longevity molecules due to its influence on multiple longevity pathways.

Why Low Dose Naltrexone?

LDN taps into the natural endorphin system of our body to deliver an array of benefits that target multiple hallmarks of aging. Alongside its energy-boosting potential, LDN exhibits a unique capacity to control chronic inflammation, delivering widespread benefits across multiple organ systems, which serves to enhance overall longevity and wellbeing



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Deeinflorida, I tried it to help with sleep and I believe my prescription was with Healthspan. At 1.5 mg nightly I noticed no positive effect and no side effects. At 3.0 mg nightly I noticed no positive effect, but next-day side effects of low mood and low energy. If memory serves me correctly low-dose LDN may inhibit serotonin and dopamine which would explain the low mood and low energy I had. I took a break for a few weeks and then tried it again, but with the same effects. Needless to say, I do not take it now and will not take it again.


Thank you for your experience with LDN , I won’t be trying it anytime soon

I am not sure why LDN got overhyped. I bought the hype, bought some, took it for several weeks, and had nothing but negative subjective results from it. Experiences may vary, but it is one of my least liked supplements that I have tried recently.

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Thank you, it’s now off my longevity list

Day 1 on LDN 1.5mg. First good night sleep in a long time. I’m very pleased. Perhaps placebo effect but I’ll take. For clarity, I didn’t get much more sleep time but I felt great when I woke up. “Feeling good is good enough”

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3 days out of 3 with much better sleep. I still wake up to use the bathroom but I can tell I’m sleeping much more deeply, and I can go back to sleep without any supplements or much time awake. I feel good when I wake up! Even my Oura ring says I’m getting a lot more Deep and REM sleep, which is very annoying because I had concluded that the Oura ring was useless with the new algorithm.

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Started off with 4.5 mg, but that left me with some daytime sleepiness. I have been taking 3 mg right before bed and that seems much better. However, I have noticed two side effects, N=1, it ruins the taste of wine and seems to negatively affect the taste of food, which has decreased my already almost non-existent appetite.
I am not using it for sleep, so I am dropping it from my “must-take” supplements/drugs.

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I’m on day 11, and up to 3.0mg. No change from the first report except my sleep duration is creeping up to 7 hours, but not straight through.

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started 1.5mg 3 days ago and stayed the same dose out of conservatism. Feel slept better but do not know if it is a placebo effect since the dose I am taking is so low. Did have a wild dream last night. The reason to try LDN is for my dermatologic conditions which in some literature stated LDN is an effective agent.

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I’ve been meaning to provide an update on LDN. I’ve been on 4.5mg for a couple weeks. I was happy with 3.0mg but the plan was to increase after 10 days so I did.

I lost my streak of sleeping through the night. It took a week to get back to not getting up to pee. But I still sleep great. I’m getting 7+ hours regularly after a long stretch of 5-6 (months). When I do have to get up, I have no desire to look at my phone nor do I ever think about work. I just go right back to sleep. Now I’m aiming for 8 hours.

I think LDN has also taken the edge off of every compulsion. It doesn’t eliminate the compulsion; it makes me not care much about it. It’s an improvement to my life. I’m glad I took a chance.

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