Hallmarks of cancer and hallmarks of aging | Aging

author Mikhail V. Blagosklonny recasts hallmarks of cancer into a hierarchy of the hallmarks of aging, describing the hallmarks in brown (see figure) as non-life-limiting.

In the end, he concludes that only hyperfunction leads to age-related disease:

I think he too-readily assigns the label “non-life-limiting” to

  • telomere shortening
  • mitochondrial dysfunction
  • non-life-limiting accumulation of molecular damages, not even leaving space for life-limiting accumulation of molecular damages.

His criterion for eliminating these three (and others unstated) is “Only the third criterion matters: (3) its experimental amelioration should slow down aging and increase healthy lifespan”

Is there no evidence that ameliorating these three items would not slow down aging and not increase healthy lifespan?