Guesses/experiences w.r.t rapamycin dosing schedules and muscle hypertrophy?

I understand that the influence of rapamcyin and muscle growth is not well understood, even though it is known that rapamycin can delay sarcopenia. In any case, I wonder if you may have guesses or anecdotes regarding the influence of dosing schedules (e.g. 6mg weekly, v.s. 12 mg biweekly) on muscle growth, recovery, etc. that I can use for figuring out how to optimize for both, my exercise goals and my longevity goals (?)


I can tell you that it absolutely hasn’t hindered my muscle development and honestly it may have even helped. I also have been more consistent with my workouts lately so I can’t assume rapamycin is responsible, but I’m getting better results than ever so it’s not holding me back.

I am currently 5mg weekly. I take rapa on Saturday and do strength training monday/wednesday/friday.


From what I’ve read on anecdotal posts here, some people experience more muscle soreness in the few days after they’ve taken rapa.

This is also one of my main concerns.


I have noticed in myself and from others on here your muscles get stronger… you’re able to lift more weight across the board on muscle resistance machines every 3-4 months.

Never had any soreness from dosing… I do give my muscles a 30 hour break… no weights after dosing.


FWIW: As an ~82-year-old, and certainly more susceptible to sarcopenia and muscle soreness than younger people, I have had no measurable muscle loss in the last year. And I take fairly accurate measurements. Nor have I experienced any tiredness at the gym on days I take rapamycin. Though usually don’t work out on the days I take rapamycin because it sort of defeats the purpose. The dose I am taking now is 5mg/per week, I have taken dosages as high as 20mg with GFJ as a multiplier. Other than some short-term diarrhea with the large doses I have had no adverse side effects.


Rapamycin does not make me sore. In fact, it seems to have an anti-inflammatory property that does the opposite. I am 59, so I have a bad shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, etc. Rapamycin seems to help with joint and muscle pain. I workout harder, heavier, and longer when taking Rapamycin. The only downside is Rapa tends to make me lose weight. My barbell lifts never go up for long unless my weight on the bathroom scale goes up. I have to stuff myself uncomfortably to gain any weight on weekly Rapamycin. If I take a couple of weeks off from dosing I will gain weight on the scale and the bar, even though my workouts don’t feel as productive. Overall I think Rapamycin is a PED for seniors, but it is not banned yet or tested for in athletes.



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