Get Rapamycin in Europe and across the world

Hello everyone,

I am new here and come from Germany.

Unfortunately, I don’t know a doctor who can prescribe me Ramapycin.

I am currently on vacation in Costa Rica and will get it here through a friend.

How can I do it in the future when I am back home?

I have read the book by Peter Attia Outlive and am a regular listener to his podcasts.

I want to grow old sustainably in the long term.

I’m still in my mid-thirties.

I’m looking forward to a lively exchange!

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You can use the european teledoc at

I have used that service several times. And I have gotten a prescription that is valid at pharmacies here in Sweden.


Do they actually call you or is it over chat, what is the process like?

See this list of options: How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

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You book an appointment. And when you do that, you state the purpose of the appointment. To prevent age-related diseases with sirolimus-rapamune. And that the use of rapamune is based on research done by Mannick. I did not use the talk function; I only chatted by texting in English. Which ic very convenient in multilingual Europe. Then he/they prescribe a dose of 5 mg once a week.

They send you the prescription in pdf format. In Sweden, the pharmacies require me to hand over my original prescription. So they (EUdoc) sent a paper prescription to me by snail mail.

The process is regulated in the EU. Stating that a prescription by a licensed medical doctor in one EU country is valid in the other EU countries. But some countries (Poland) seem to have managed to go their own way and not follow this process. It is best if you do research about how Germany handles the regulation.

Presenting a prescription at a pharmacy in another EU country - Your Europe


You can also just order rapamycin from this guy in Bulgaria:

It’s really this easy…


I wouldn’t buy it in a German pharmacy if I were you, the price is too high;

The price in Belgium pharmacies is 363 euro / 100x 1mg


Do you have a price per mg in Costa Rica? I am also in Costa Rica at the moment so I would like to know whether it’s cost effective vs buying from India.

Is that really safe?

Many people here have had success with them No Prescription Needed for Rapamycin Purchase in Turkey - #27 by pollux

here: Where to find Rapamune? - #5 by Stijn

and since he’s in the EU, it seems to work well for people in Europe.

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You could also just use the EU Doctor if you want the safety, you can pick up your Sirolimus at your local pharmacy, at least that is what worked for me in the Netherlands

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