Free 2-day NIH Webinar on Diet and Longevity

Hiya, I’m a sometimes lurker here. I saw this on the schedule at work, and thought folks here would be interested, since I know there is a lot of overlap here with fasting, calorie restriction, and longevity-targeted diets.
Dietary Composition, Time Restricted Feeding and Associated Metabolic Reprogramming in Healthspan and Longevity Regulation
August 22-23 (Monday and Tuesday) 10-3 Eastern Time
More details and speaker line up here.

Please note that advance registration is required, but it is totally free, and I can vouch that the government will not spam you if you give them your email address. (We have to fill out soooo much paperwork to do that. :laughing:)

If you can’t make it, it may be recorded, but it’s not clearly indicated in this case, so I’m not positive.


Thank you. That is quite an impressive line-up of speakers. As I practice time-restricted feeding, I am interested in what the current thinking is.

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