Fighting Alzheimer’s with Increased Autophagy via Rapamycin + Trehalose

Stevia is good and I have used it for years, but it doesn’t really have any other benefits besides not increasing glucose levels. But, I must say it never caused me gas, bloating, or diarrhea. That’s actually pretty good.
I am now using glycine as a sweetener on my cereal etc. to get my daily dose of “life extending” glycine. It does not spike my blood sugar levels or cause gas or bloating. Some people may not want to use it as it is an amino acid but tastes more like sugar than stevia. IMO

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My coffee;

“for its possible life-extension and neurological benefits”

20oz extra caffeine coffee / 4oz of light cream
10mg of spermmidin
15g of trehalose
5g of D-Ribose
5g of Modified Citrus Pectin
15ml of Medium Chain Triglycerides

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Looks good. I really, really like my coffee black. I grind Starbucks Dark Roast, which I get at Costco. It’s actually my second favorite, I like Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast best, but it is a little pricey for the amount of coffee I drink.
What is the 15ml of Medium Chain Triglycerides you use? Coconut Oil?

The only thing I add to my coffee now is ~7-9 gms of trehalose, it isn’t too sweet.
Personally if were adding cream, which I do occasionally, it would be heavy whipping cream.

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NOW Foods MCT Oil Unflavored
Packaged in a dark glass bottle

When I put modified citrus pectin in my coffee, it jelled. I am considering using it to make pudding.


I’m not drinking Joseph’s coffee.

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