Fatigue as a side effect

I am pretty sure I experienced Rap induced fatigue due to taking too much in my weekly dose. Took 6mg – 8mg a week for about 18 months and felt fine. Then 9 months ago took 4mg a week an hour after drinking 16 oz of GFJ, felt fine but started to notice a little afternoon fatigue but nothing alarming. Around 3 months ago I started soaking the 4mg tablets in olive oil for about 10’ before consuming, then the fatigue was noticeable. It was very debilitating, to the point that if I couldn’t eliminate the fatigue I wouldn’t sure I could continue working full time… it was that bad for me. Didn’t associate it with the Rap for several months, then finally read that fatigue is indeed one of the possible side effects. So I decided to stop taking my weekly dose and now the fatigue is gone.

Any theories on why too much Rap causes fatigue?

I am going to resume the weekly Rap, but start at about half what I was taking and see what happens with that for a few weeks. The GFJ must have really increased the effective weekly dose for me (3x, 4x, ??? i dunno), and the EVOO must have also greatly increased the AUC throughout the week. Lesson learned.


Rapamycin is a fasting mimic so it doesn’t surprise me that it feels the same as prolonged water fasting.


Yes that is a huge dose. I take 4+GFJ every 2 weeks and if I go up to 5 my lipids and bs go way too high. Bad things happen. Anyway I think they’re bad. Over time doing it weekly may be dragging down MTor2.


I had severe fatigue and weakness my first few doses (just 2mg no gfj). Didn’t expect that as most people here say it made them feel excited, energised and awake. But after a while the fatigue went away.I don’t feel anything anymore even with 16mg + gfj

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how are you doing now ? Due to fatigue Im cutting my dose back too

wow how much do you take /?? And not tiredness??

I’m taking 4mg+GFJ, more or less once per week. No side effects until 2 weeks ago when I suddenly got stomatitis, probably due to slowly rising concentrations. I skipped 1 week or so and took another dose dose without any side effects again

I too am going to skip a dose- may I ask why you take a big amount / dose ? Do you think the stomach issue was part of it as well?

I get debilitating fatigue some days but it’s never the same day I take Rapamycin. It seems to happen maybe a couple days or so later, so I can’t really identify if it’s from Rapamycin or not.

Wouldn’t fatigue be happening right after taking the dose instead of having delayed reaction by a few days?

Rapamycin seems to work better for male mice when dosed higher (but not for female mice where there is an optimum dose)

My view is that active autophagy will initially cause a reduction in ATP. This will not happen immediately, but I tend to expect it perhaps 12 hours after taking an autophagy activator such as rapamycin or urolithin a.

I took 6mg of Rapamycin yesterday morning at about 6am with a slice of pomelo and felt a little fatigued (in a low energy sense rather than lack of sleep) at about 4pm then my sleep was disrupted which I take as a symptom of autophagy.

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why is your dosage higher than others?

mine seems to hit later too- not the same day

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I think this question is to me.

Where I am normally unusual is that I take rapamycin less frequently in that I take it every 21 days or less frequently.

The dose of 6mg is not particularly high, but taking a pomelo (not a whole pomelo) beforehand has a multiplier effect.

Rapamcyin has an estimated half life of 60 hours. Hence I expect it to have a major effect for a few days and then fade.

Dosing and timing are things to assess on an individual basis. I am pleased because I had the normal slight fatigue and disruption of sleep on the first day. I have decided to get drunk (and am currently well on the way) tonight which will conceal any effects of rapamycin on sleep tonight.

Hence if it is doing its job my heteroplasmy should be reduced.


mine is a few days later too

Rapa hits me pretty hard after about 4 hours. I take it on an empty stomach (fasting for 12 hours before and 12 hours afterwards, except for gfj 12, 6 and 2 hours (roughly) before dosing. 4mg every 2 weeks. An extra week off every 5th week.

The fatigue builds for another 6-8 hours, and then is gone. Now I sleep through most of it. I sleep great after a dose. The next day the tiredness is gone but my muscles are usually sore. I attribute it to slower recovery from previous exercise but it may be from whatever the Rapa is doing to my muscles. The soreness can last 2 days.

When I start lifting again I am stronger and have less tendon / ligament tenderness. Of course I had an extra day off so it makes sense.