Exploring the effects of Dasatinib, Quercetin, and Fisetin on DNA methylation clocks: a longitudinal study on senolytic interventions

I’m still digesting this but the unexpected results seem significant.
aging-v16i4-205581.pdf (1.6 MB)


Interesting. I’ve been using DQF fortnightly. The Fisetin came as part of the Quercetin supplement, so it was just luck :blush:


“In the context of our study, the administration of
senolytic drugs Dasatinib and Quercitin significantly
increases biological age”??


Interesting isn’t it @desertshores. This is why I found the main point unexpected. Of course this is only one study. At the same time, it reinforces how little we know when it comes to human clinical intervention.

The study, though, is worth reading in its entirety for many interesting subpoints.

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