Estradiol as a cheaper/more accessible alternative to 17-alpha-estradiol in the meantime?

You can get it easily for “gender dysphoria”

I’ve intermittently taken it on and off (2mg/day but with many breaks) and it doesn’t result in feminization. This is way higher than the microdoses of 17-alpha that Bryan Johnson has done…

You can also stop it once you notice the first signs of breast growth.

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I don’t know about that, isn’t that the milligrams (1 or 2 mg of estradiol) that women use to stay above menopause?

I vote no. You did not state your frequency or body weight. This might be a huge dose for you. Do you want enlarged breasts and fat deposits on your hips and thighs, not to mention bloating and mood swings, among other things? Those things might happen, given enough time.

Might be worth it if you were a post-menopausal woman worried about brain shrinkage and you had an academic job, or one in the creative arts. Then again, eschewing it hasn’t seemed to hurt Marin Alsop’s performing, or any number of women in creative fields.

I am not even sure that 17-alpha-estradiol is completely non-feminizing in humans. I think the more appropriate classification would be “not as” feminizing as the beta enantiomer. But I think it’s doing a number on Bryan Johnson with his choices for attire and nail polish, etc…

I think it is also unclear as to how much benefit 17-alpha-estradiol could provide to human males. I am not even sure about mice. C57BL 6 are prone to obesity and type-2 diabetes. Would any benefit be muted in mice (or people) who are not so prone?


You can have at hand a SERM which would reverse any breast growth.
Female longevity on average vs. male should be studied more, what’s causing the difference.
For example Tamoxifen.

It seems like the best alternative would be Estriol, which is the least feminising of all.


And estriol’s LS effects are just as strong… has it.
no beta blockers here…

While I wouldn’t mind softer skin, I’m wary of estrogen’s effects on fertility, breast development and muscle mass. Topical alfatradiol in larger amounts already made my breast tissue hurt for some reason.

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For me, I have a mixture of 1:1 alfatradiol : transcutol.

(I just let the alfatradiol reduce at room temp from 100mL to <20mL)

Would love to know any chemists here have an opinion on reducing a solution by simply letting it evaporate at room temp (in the shade, of course)

I apply approx. 4mg of 17aE2 to the skin 1x/wk. (Done 3 doses so far)

Benefits: I think it improves my erections especially on the day of the dosage.

Cofounder I am working out 5x/wk and taking a ton of supps.

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Yes - I think this is the easiest way to try this compound (17 alpha estradiol):

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Wondering where this figure is from and what is this HR for?

[edit] Looks like all-cause mortality but all the estrogens appear to only include female patients.