Ergothioneine found to increase lifespan in mice by 21%

An exciting new scientific study. Has anyone used ergothionine? What are your experiences with this?

Ergothioneine Extends Lifespan, Reduces Body Weight, and Increases Physical Activity

The other study examining ergothioneine showed that this mushroom-derived compound not only significantly extended male mouse lifespan but it also reduced body weight and increased physical function. Furthermore, ergothioneine increased new neuron production and diminished neurodegeneration in these mice. These data suggest that, if applicable to humans, ergothioneine may reduce body weight, revitalize physical vigor, and counteract neurodegeneration, along with possibly promoting lifespan extension.

Aged rats treated with ergothioneine displayed more physical activity.

(Katsube et al., 2024 | Geroscience) Aged rats treated with ergothioneine displayed more physical activity. Compared to non-treated rats (Control; white bars), those treated with ergothioneine (ERGO; gray bars) showed more total movement throughout their lives.


Interesting! Thanks for posting. We think erogothionine is very interesting and have been discussing it for a long time in this thread: Mushrooms on My Mind, Ergothionine , Erinacines, Hericenones, etc


It seems Shiitake mushrooms are a great source of Ergothioneine, providing 24.4mg per cup! I have been eating a cup a day of shiitake mushrooms for a few years too, which I was doing for the spermidine content. Great to know it has so much Ergothioneine as well

Shiitake Mushroom Nutrients (


What way do you prepare/eat them?

Golden oyster is amazing for ergo and I thought it would not survive our winters here, but here they are on year 2:

I suppose because it’s raining so much here, but I can’t believe the yield I’m getting from cottonwood logs. The first year I got nothing.

My memory is that shiitake is good on ergo, but it depends a lot on the year and growing conditions. It has several very good components. If money was no object I’d get the snak shack one’s with glucose and spice sprayed on. Delicious and nutritious.


The control mice in this study lived a much shorter lifespan than normal. They weren’t fed standard chow.

Normal lifespan averages about 878 days for this strain. Just looking at the graph, 50% of control mice were dead by roughly 620 days. And they were all dead by 700 days.


I buy frozen shiitake mushrooms (the brand my Whole Foods sells is Woodstock) and then microwave them. Apparently microwaving them preserves the nutrition the most.

Microwave mushrooms ‘to keep their goodness’, scientists say - BBC News


I have been taking erogothionine 5 mg./day for three years. Additionally, I love black beans and mushrooms of all kinds and have 3-5 servings a week of each. I take the supplement for theoretical and research-based reasons. I have not experienced any direct effects, positive or negative. Because it meets my minimum standard of conferring potential benefits with no identifiable harms, I will continue to take it and watch as the research develops. Note that erogothionine has a long half life; a small daily dose will build up to a much higher level before it stabilizes. My average total daily intake of erogothionine is perhaps 10 mg.


Good catch @Vlasko. Any thought on this observation?

According to this calculator 5 mg/day ergothioneine may be an adequate dose. Given its ~30 day half life, levels plateau short of 200 mg. This is misleading, however, as the substance reportedly clears from circulation and, “. . . is then retained in cells and tissues, with high levels found in the liver, whole blood (??), kidney, brain, erythrocytes, bone marrow, and seminal fluid.” I recall a paper a few years ago suggesting that a small, consistent daily intake would build up to plateau levels in a period of months. The study with the 30 mg./day dose may have been given to achieve plateau quickly due to the short duration of the study.


And it seems they only used male mice. Very odd….who knows what happens with female mice….

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