Empagliflozin & Rapamycin?

I have combed over the forum to read about Acarbose and SGLT2s. I am considering experimenting with adding Empagliflozin to my rapa routine based on the positive comments I have read. I think it would be helpful to have a single thread devoted to it. I had some weird side effects from Metformin so I am cautious, but worth a small experiment.

Would folks please share there experiences with Empagliflozin? Side effects? Titration and dosage - i.e. is everyone doing the 25mg a day suggestion? If folks stopped why did they stop? Did anyone have low insulin or A1C going in already - I think this is why metformin and I didn’t agree? And, anything else that would benefit the loyal rapanews faithful?

I have had better luck with Canagliflozin 300 mg. Have been on them for 12 months. Both work, but worth experimeting to find best for you. Urinalysis will show all the glucose being excerted in your urine. If you get a Urinalysis might as well get a Microalbumin/Creatinine ratio done to measure you inflammation which is caused by high glucose levels. Men 3-4 or less, mine 2.5. Is there a Microalbumin Creatinine Ratio limit if I have type 2 diabetes? - YouTube High inflammation in arteries = plaque = “hot plaque” =rupture of artery and formation of clot = heart attack or stroke.


My experience: Canagliflozin for Anti-aging (part 2)

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@RapAdmin - so are you still using Empagliflozin? Still no sides (fatigue,etc)? Are you/were you doing 25mg/day?

Yes - still using Empagliflozin, 10mg and 25mg - alternating between them, but will ultimately decide the longer term dose based on CGM results which I test periodically. But - recently ran out of empagliflozin and need to reorder. No side effects at all that I can determine.

Lots of past discussions on SGLT2 inhibitors and empagliflozin; I recommend you read up as much as you can:


Surprisingly I knew there was a search function and had used it and read the posts. :grinning: What I found was some sporadic data points on emp (for short) intermixed with the others cana and acarbose, etc. I thought there would be value to dive a little deeper on folks experience, even considering everyone reacts differently. I have found tremendous value from all the Rapamycin anecdotes so can’t be thankful enough @RapAdmin. I did something similar with LDN post. Even if other folks don’t share about emp I will.

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Question: Do folks take Empagliflozin every day or only on days when they think they will be eating carbs (or more carbs than usual)?