Drugs that Slow Aging - Richard Miller, NIA ITP Progam with Brian Kennedy

A good discussion between Brian Kennedy and Richard Miller:


Just watched it. Intrigued by Aging Rate Indicators- ARI’s.

Show rate of aging.

Also, comments on Acarbose with Rapamycin combo… just asked my GP to change my prescription from Metformin to Acarbose. Easy-peasy…done. Pick up at pharmacy.

Good news on Glycine… take it in my coffee every morning with Collagen. And, Astaxanthin strong in life extension studies.

I am re-evaluating my supplements. I will focus on these proven anti-aging, health span and life extending drugs.


I noticed that they’re looking at the combination of telmisartan, a blood pressure med I’ve been on for a few years and atorvastatin. About a year ago I switched to rosuvastatin from atorvastatin because it’s a little better with inflammation. If ITP determines that the combo tested extends life I’ll switch back to atorvastatin but for now, I’ll stick to what I have.