Dosing of Metformin

For this taking Metformin how do you dose it. I am 65 and strength training several days a week. It is my understanding that Metformin will retard muscle growth?

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This has a good discussion of the study that raised the concerns and an analysis of the . underlying data.


If you not diabetic, Stop taking Metformin until evidence of its usefulness comes out.

What evidence are we waiting for? The evidence that it reduces blood sugar and increases insulin sensitivity? The 100 years of data and clinical use? The fact that it works synergistically with Rapamycin to prevent fatty liver disease (which 1 in 4 Americans has)? Not sure what you mean here…


It has never been proven to extend life span in humans

So you’re saying it is like rapamycin?

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Good point. At least Rapamycin works in animals

And there is human data supporting the thesis that Metformin increases lifespan in humans. The UK study is pretty compelling but you excluded that by insisting we only look at data involving non-diabetic people. The fact that they were diabetic and the control group wasn’t makes the results even more impressive to me.


Metformin became popular because it appeared to help diabetics live longer with lower rates of other diseases. This extension of life has not been repeated in non diabetics. The data on diabetics is in doubt and may be due to patient selection.

I don’t think the data on Metformin helping diabetic patients is in any doubt as it is the global first line pharmaceutical prescribed to treat diabetes. If Metformin doesn’t have enough data to show that it works for diabetics, then I don’t know what to tell you…


I’m no debating it’s efficacy in treating diabetes. I’m saying it hasn’t been proven to extend life, which is why people here would take it.
Btw, that UK study was unblinded, retrospective, without matched controls, so not high quality.

I think I’m going to have to disagree with you here. The study looked at 180,000 people and compared metformin users to other diabetic patients using a different drug. It is statistically significant with a large sample.

Using data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), which represents around 10% of the UK population, 78,241 patients treated with metformin were identified, along with 12,222 treated with a sulphonylurea, and matched them with 90,463 subjects without diabetes (control group). A total of 7,498 deaths were recorded during the study.

Diabetes is thought to reduce life expectancy by an average of around eight years. However, researchers found that after taking other factors into account, metformin users lived 15% longer (equivalent to an extra three years lifespan) than those in the control group.

Those treated with sulphonylureas had a consistently reduced survival compared with non-diabetic patients. This was true even without any clever statistical manipulation.

To be redundent, again;

“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” ~ Seth Godin

From the Mikhail V. Blagosklonny article

Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article

Seth Godin quote in my view applies to any method that I feel has merit.

You can wait.

I am not waiting.


Also, Rapamycin may induce diabetes (DM) in those that take it. Metformin seems to cure this since it works synergistically with Rapamycin (see video below).

In addition, increases in longevity were shown in the ITP trial of Rapamycin+Metformin in mice.

The addition of CoQ10 to Metformin (MET) has a beneficial effect on Rapamycin (SRL)-induced diabetes (DM) compared to MET alone.

So, if you want to go all in against Rapamycin induced diabetes (DM), add CoQ10 to your Metformin and Rapamycin.

BTW, the dosage of MET cited in the study is crazy high. Do not use those numbers for humans. It would have me taking 20+ g of Metformin daily. No wonder the rats had pancreatic issues.

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“It has never been proven to extend life span in humans”
If that’s your criteria, stop taking rapamycin.

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You’re being foolish if you look at all of this that simplistically.
You can’t compare the abundance of data on Rapa with the minimal positive data for Metformin.

This has nothing to do with Rapa.
You don’t really think the Rapa dose for life extension will cause Diabetes do you?

This has nothing to do with Rapa

Sirolimus is the name of the drug we use to take Rapamycin. So, sirolimus-induced diabetes is diabetes caused by Sirolimus\Rapamycin.

You don’t really think the Rapa dose for life extension will cause Diabetes do you?

Yes, I think it does. Especially in those who may be pre-diabetic. The scientific paper above also seems to agree that Sirolimus causes Diabetes in some cases.

Lol. They’re looking at daily doses for cancer treatment.