Dosage experience and source

Be aware of some poor lab results from Kachhela product: Siroboon Lab Blood Test Results - #55 by len5742

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I take 5 mg once a week, so I have my doctor prescribe 1mg. pills to have the flexibiltiy to change the dosage. Every once in a while I will have a bout with a mouth sore, when I do I will decrease my dose to 3 or 4 mg(s), this has always worked for me.
Cuban’s CostPlus was $113 for 60 1 mg pills, I haven’t been able to find any cheaper pricing within the USA.

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Two hours is too soon. Pfizer found it takes three hours in a fasted state with their tablets. And it may be longer with other brands given differences with Rapamune formulation. The confusion is due to people seeing a study here that actually used a liquid rapamycin preparation. Of course with food it can be hours more.

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You know I did find that when I took rapamune with grapefruit juice… and then did a Labcorp test hours later, my numbers came out really low… that’s rapamune.

Now I understand why it was low… maybe it’s too coated and takes longer to get into the system. Thanks.

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What liquid are you using? You sound like you’re taking liquid sirolimus, is that right?

I don’t think we’ve had anyone here taking liquid sirolimus before. Everyone usually takes the 1mg (or 2mg) tablets.

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I pay $45.00 for 3 months thru my insurance

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How many tablets (1mg tablets?) is that for, and what is your dosing per week?

6 tablets, 6mg/week is my prescription

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So should I try the blood test after 24 hours? Considering that I normally only react after 24 hours.

On the day I take the pills nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Great setup Kytexas! Just wondering…how did you get your doc to prescribe the 6mg a week?
Which doc and where do you get the pills? I’m in Texas and have insurance…

Dr Morris. I live in Texas

The consultation is 400 every 6 months

I’m wondering if 2mg with GFC may be too much? I don’t get diarrhoea but my stools are all floating and it smelled off. Normally they are normal with very little smell. I’ve decided to take active charcoal pills and hope that it fixes it but before I go to 6mg and GFC in 3 days time, has anyone else have had this sort of experience?

From Biocon regarding their Rapacan Sirolimus:

Sirolimus is rapidly but poorly absorbed following oral administration with an approximate oral bioavailability of 15%. It reaches maximum blood concentrations in 0.5-2.3 hours after dosing.

I think many people are using the Biocon Sirolimus (including me). It seems like a test at two hours is reasonable.

I also see on this site that many people are taking their rapa with a high fat meal. This will lower the cmax but increase the AUC (lower peak but longer lasting). Which is optimal- a higher concentration or having it in your bloodstream for a longer time? I’m voting for a higher concentration.


A good question. I’m betting on the higher peak at the cost of lower AUC. I want Rapa to do its thing and then get out entirely before my next dose.

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Thank you for the information. This is the information from Pfizer: “Following administration of the sirolimus tablet, sirolimus tmax was approximately 3 hours after single doses in healthy volunteers and multiple doses in renal transplant patients.” Pfizer PDF

I think the fact that there are now documented differences between manufacturers for absorption rates just emphasizes why someone should wait longer to have their blood drawn if they are aiming to compare other generics to Rapamune and Rapacan. Unless such data is also obtained from the manufacturers for products like Siroboon, SiroSafe, etc.

yes I am taking liquid yes

I’m on week 5. Like week 1 it triggered by gout again but I took a lot of water to reduce the inflammation. I’ve a mouth ulcer from last week which I’m keeping under control with mouth wash. After 24 hours I’m starting to fart again so I added 4x 200mg of active charcoal pills. Might need it for 3 days. Just waiting patiently for my blood results back from the lab.

So, you take 2mg Zydus with GFJ every 10 days, correct?

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Hey James…
Yes! After being on several rapamycin dosing protocols for the past 3.5 years.

I have settled on 2 mg rapamycin (zydus) with fresh GFJ (5 fluid ounces… one grapefruit). Taking every 10 days. Based on Labcorp tests I get a 6x’s increase… 12 ng/mL 2 hours after dose. Took my rapamycin last night… was a slow start this morning… a bit fatigued… now firing on all pistons.

For me… higher than 12 is detrimental. I will be taking the GlycanAge inflammation biomarker test… and TruMe DNA methylation test… in April to see how this dosing plan compares to all previous biological age tests.

Will do the Levine test too… it’s free.


Interesting, great information, good luck with your protocol!

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