Does semaglutide blunt blood glucose spikes b/c it increases insulin sensitivity?

Maybe it also means I don’t need to take as many SGLT2 inhibitors if I’m on it

gawd - rapamycin + metformin + semaglutide + acarbose - I feel like this covers most bases

Alex, you could be one of the first people (at least “healthy” people) to be trying all of these medications at once. I hope you are working with a doctor and doing lots of blood tracking - regular blood glucose tracking so as to avoid hypoglycemia, as well as CBC etc. to see the impact of all of these medications on your body over time. I would be concerned if you were not treating this like the serious self-experiment that it is.

A CGM would be good, but at least regular finger pricks with something like this:

I just noticed @shc is also using most of these medications also… perhaps he/she can share his/her experiences and knowledge: Acarbose + Empagliflozin + Semaglutide + Berberine/Metformin cocktail to prevent insulin resistance and for longevity?

Semaglutide reduces blood glucose by releasing additional insulin and delaying gastric emptying. Due to its effect on appetite you may also be eating less => lower BGL.

There may be additional mechanisms but there are researchers who are studying these pathways and there are still many unknowns. Look at Daniel Drucker’s work.

And I second @RapAdmin w.r.t. his advice to you. If you care about longevity you may also want to be careful about hypoglycemia. And make sure that you carefully consider the dosing, regimen, etc. and adapt these to constantly changing personal contexts. Regular tests and monitoring can only help.

Many bases covered. Maybe also add resistance training – it’s great for insulin sensitivity too :wink:

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Why are you taking semiglutide?

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