Does anyone use cerebrolysin
Bryan Johnson just did it [1], and it’s probably one of the biggest QoL improvements one can ever do, especially if AGI timelines are short.

[1] wao, so much activation energy because the injections aren’t… pleasant to think about…


Looks interesting (I’m interested in anything to help reverse some of my MS impact)

This seems like a more reliable source according to Reddit, and it seems like authentic pharma products.


I have being using it off and on for about a year. I do 5mL three times per week. The benefits are subtle but profound. Remembering words you haven’t used for years. Better focus and a reduction in anxiety. I try to cycle through different nootropics as to not oversaturate receptors or become reliant on just one. I think if you do your research and are careful these can be powerful tools to maintain or improve congition with age.


How do you administer and how much? Sub-cutaneous, intra-nasal etc? Sharing your protocol would be greatly appreciated.

I started doing intermusucular given the large 5mL size of the injection. Not impossible doing an intermusucular on yourself. But not the most pleasant experience either. I found that I was able to use a large syringe to withdraw the liquid and then exchange the larger needle for a much smaller insulin needle. It takes a little longer to push it through and I still push the smaller needle into muscle. But a lot less painful.

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OK - so the first think I want to know about any new compound is what the research shows… and what clinical studies, if any, have been done on animals and humans.

Has anyone done a search and found the studies they think are most interesting?
It seems a lot of the research is being done on this compound in Russia, not the west. But a some of the western or other area papers I see below.

From a search on Pubmed:


I’ve taken it, got mine from PS. I was actually administering it rectally, possibly the first one to do that lol.

My buddy on Reddit swears by it, but any effects I got from it were mild, although maybe I didn’t run it long enough or consistently enough. IIRC it’s believed to act on neurotropic signalling, so with the amount of ketamine and ketamine analogues I used to consume I might just be desensitized.

Thought about trying it again but there’s at least one concerning report on Reddit suggesting immunogenicity leading to autoimmunity. Who knows how seriously to take that, but I guess it’s something to be aware of.


Yeah I been ordering from here for a while when I’m not able to have friends ship it to me directly from eastern europe. I usually do 5ml ampoules IM slowly injected for 3 minutes whenever I need the cognitive boost and resilience. For IM shots u can’t really go more than 5ml. The larger doses are meant to be diluted and IV’d or directly injected IV.
Also, I have elderly family members doing 5ml IM shots daily for 3 weeks on 4 weeks off. Seems to work great. It’s definitely under-rated so its worth a try.

I am not an expert on IM delivery. But why can’t you draw it with a smaller needle? Also, what gauge do you use for both?

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This makes it sound very appealing. I’ve had my eyes on this peptide for a few years but haven’t used it yet. Remembering words I haven’t used in years would be nice since I have a bad short term memory due to my constant struggle of optimizing my thyroid.


21 - 22 gauge, 1 to 1.5 inches long needle, 5ml syringe should be fine. There’s not much viscosity to the solution so higher gauges are not necessary and are more painful. For IM injections you have to make sure the needle will reach the muscle, so for gluteal injections which I do to myself, a smaller needle will definitely not reach the muscle. 1 inch should be the most comfortable, you barely feel it. Just make sure the injection is slow. For cerebrolysin inject it over 3 minutes, each ml injected should take about 36 seconds. If you’re new to self injecting and don’t have a med background just read about the quadrants on the buttocks where to inject and a few videos should do the trick.


are there other sources?

reddit says Buy Cerebrolysin peptide Online (1-20 ml Ampoules) | Fast Delivery

I might as well sink in…

I bought it here;

It’s based in the Netherlands. Haven’t used it yet, I bought it to have on hand if I would ever get a stroke.
I have been using there IM Carnitine for 6 weeks and this really works.

Yeah cosmic nootropics is the only one I trust bc they source it directly from RU and other pre-soviet countries.

Unless you have friends in those countries who can mail it to you, that’s really the only way. Not sure if pharmacies in europe carry it besides for the baltics and eastern europe.

Keep in mind its a peptide, sourced from pig brain, so you really dont want a shady source. Only buy the original.

Any comment on the alternatives to cerebrolysin?
“peptide alternatives to Cerebrolysin that are being researched for their potential neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing effects. Some of these include Semax, Selank, and N-PEP-12. Semax is a synthetic peptide that has shown promise in treating cognitive disorders and stroke recovery. Selank is another synthetic peptide with potential anxiolytic and nootropic properties. N-PEP-12 is a peptide derived from cerebrolysin that has been studied for its effects on memory and cognitive function. However, it’s important to note that many of these alternatives are still in various stages of research and may not be as widely available or studied as Cerebrolysin.”
“Semax and Selank are typically available in nasal spray form, which allows for easier administration and better absorption”

According to the YouTube videos, Bill Lawrence uses only oral not injectable peptides.

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I use all the above. They are all soviet patented so unfortunately also only sold in the pre-soviet countries and by cosmic nootropics.

In regards to their efficacy, I have Semax 1% in the house in case someone has a stroke as this is carried on all ambulances as first line treatment for stroke in RU.

For cognitive boost, I use the 0.1% version of Semax and it does give you that sharpness. Possibly bc it quickly crosses the BBB through the nasal mucosa. Anyways, just keep in mind anything that increases BDNF also anecdotally increase hair loss (temporary).

I use Selank too but it’s mostly a anxiolytic. imo there’s better options like afobazole, picamillon, mexidol …

Cerebrolysin is not possible to be made in oral form. If you see it in oral form it’s fake. Needs to be injected or IV’d to prevent breakdown.


Check out NSI-189, it’s a small molecule rather than peptide. Failed phase II clinical trial for major depression in 2017, although it showed improvements on secondary cognitive and depression endpoints.

Unclear exactly how it works, but some evidence it upregulates neurotrophic factors, increases neurogenesis, and modulates functional plasticity. Led to rapid behavioral improvements in rat stroke models.

Many reports on Reddit, some people have amazing results with it, but some get side-effects and others feel nothing. I only tried it once, I snorted 10mg of freebase. There’s a characteristic feeling I get with things that impact neuroplasticity, hard to describe but you know it when you’re there. Felt it strongly with this, but I also had some anxiety and irritability so haven’t tried it again. Supposedly the effects stack with daily usage.


“If you’re new to self injecting and don’t have a med background just read about the quadrants on the buttocks where to inject and a few videos should do the trick.”

Wow I thought you injected it on the side of the leg?

[well now i know what 30/25/18 gauge are…]
cortexlabs, the host is pretty knowledgeable. IIRC he said taking it a year could cause autoimmune issues because pig peptides aren’t perfectly bioidentical with human’s.

My thinking, save money, and see how long you can go off cerebrolysin before noticing a difference, then start up again. It’s supposed to be the best thing about these peptides is long lasting qualities, maybe 6 mos. This is just guess work. best dose protocol IMO is find thecerebrolysin treatment handbook, it’s got the best authoritative info I guess

If AGI/superintelligence timelines are short, this is one of the most important things one can still do (short timelines have made others do meth…)