Does anyone use cerebrolysin

Here an article from my favourit research-integrity sleuth about Cerebrolysin. As always very funny and shocking to read :grimacing:


the thigh is very (more) sensitive and prone to bruising.
Very easy to self inject into the glute. it doesnt even leave a mark.

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I’m mostly concerned I’ll inject into bone b/c I’m thin

Why doesn’t one inject in gluteus maximus where muscle is thicker?

if ur thin then u prob have less fat in the thigh and it’ll be very painful. Especially if ur new to self-injecting. There is more superficial vasculature in the thighs hence the sensitivity. the glutes have the most fat distribution.
Use a 1 inch long needle, and u shouldnt hit a bone. The way i inject it , its not even a glute injection to be fair, it’s basically the border between the waistband and the glute on the far upper right or upper left quadrant. Just try the injection out in different places and see what’s most comfortable for you.

Anectodally, the majority of the time, people who self inject often chose the glutes. The thigh injections aren’t tolerable when doing shots often. But it’s not the easiest thing to do because you need to turn and have some hand eye coordination.

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Do you inject vertically/[directly “into”], or more facing the midline/“sideways”? If you look at how it’s injected in A, it’s being injected at a more shallow absolute depth, but crosses way more “cell columns”

And do you inject right in the region where the butt muscle clearly starts to rise (where you aren’t so close to the bone [though you’re a few cm away from where it would be closest to bone], but still very far from where muscle is thickest?)

The angle ur looking at is if someone is injecting it for you. It’s a way different technique when you are self injecting. the area to inject stays the same. That upper right quadrant (in respect to the entire glute) needs to be broken into another 4 quadrants. Then you inject into the upper right of that quadrant. But the shot needs to go in straight in and straight out. Not slanted or anything. You need to position your body and the shot in a way that its literally going in like a dart. People may disagree but understand you are talking about the difference between self injecting safely vs someone else administering a shot. Theres different techniques. The area tho is generally the same. Anyways, dont be worried you have large margin of error if u inject anywhere in that vicinity. As long as you comfortably position the injection like you are throwing a dart. As straight as possible

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Conclusions form a recent Cochrane Review:

Adding Cerebrolysin or a Cerebrolysin-like agent, Cortexin, to standard therapy after an acute ischaemic stroke probably:

• does not reduce the risk of dying.

Adding Cerebrolysin to standard therapy after an ischaemic stroke probably:

• does not affect how many people have serious unwanted effects overall; but
• increases the number of people with serious, non-fatal unwanted effects.

Here is the link:

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