Doctors that prescribe Rapamycine in South America?

Dear friends,

I would like to know if there are some Doctor in Southamerica then I could get a prescription for rapamycine and I could buy in India to avoid a retention by customs here in Peru.

I imagine a prescription from a USA Doctor is very expensive.

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You should consider examining the specific legal grounds for importing medicines to Peru. In my country (Sweden) we have one framework for buying prescription medicines online and importing them to Sweden and another framework that regulates the situations when we buy the same prescription medicines abroad and bring them back to our country when we travel.

But in some countries it can be easier if you can show a prescription to the DHL, and then they declare it through the custom.

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Hi and welcome to the Rapamycin News site. I’ve not yet heard of any doctors in South America prescribing rapamycin for longevity. I keep getting doctors in other countries contacting me to add to our list of doctors, so I’m sure at some point soon we will likely get some down in your area.

I don’t know what the rules are in Peru, but if you order from the Indian pharmacies listed here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

and have it shipped by Speedpost EMS, it typically arrives in a few weeks and you don’t need a prescription. In the USA these shipments generally come right to your house, with no issues. That might also be the case for you. I did a 3 or 4 of small $100 orders just to see what happens when I first started taking rapamycin 3+ years ago, and had no problems at all, so have continued with larger 300 to 400 tablet orders, and also with no issues.

Anyway - these are just some thoughts for you until you find a helpful doctor in your country, or in South America more broadly.


Thanks My friend, I AM going to try with a small quantity