Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase

I’m going to give this a try for 30 days, two doses per day of the 2,000 FU Nattokinase sourced on Amazon for $10… I was forced to take the jab so I could continue to receive income from my employer and I chose the J&J version, I don’t want any lasting effects from this so this protocol is of interest to me.


I have ordered Nattokinase today. Will give it a try.
Have struggled with so much inflammation and irregularities with my body after my second vaccine, staring to get a bit worried.

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It’ gets broken down in your stomach…

“Some natural compounds, such as quercetin, have been shown to enhance the bioavailability of nattokinase by inhibiting its breakdown in the gut”
What I really need is a good source of empty enteric-coated capsules.

Just eat natto. Its a way higher dose of nattokinase and its a delicious addition to any lunch. I am personally taking natto for its ability to reduce staph bacteria and fibrin clot dissolving properties not because of bogus anti vax bs.

I don’t think we need a separate thread to spread vaccine misinformation. There are plenty of sites like Twitter to do that.

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Vaccine stuff aside, inflammation from a coronaviruses could be a cardiac risk factor. If we see rates of heart disease increase in the next few yeas some will blame the virus, and others the vaccine. I have no opinion since I am not a cardiologist (defrocked or otherwise). If natto helps, perhaps it helps by reducing inflammation. What if the 1890s coronavirus outbreak had a mild inflammatory effect and that was part of what caused so many heart attack deaths through the 1960s? What if the hemorrhagic 1918 influenza was slightly cardio protective? Dr. Mccullough could be on to something here regardless of his opinions about a vaccine.

Are you trying to imply the natto stuff is misinformation?

Or did you just hear someone talking about the very real and statistically significant groups of people experiencing long term side effects and then decide to disregard it all as misinformation?

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Oh, the side effects of Covid are very real, including increased cardiac risks. It’s the spike protein nonsense that I’m referring to.

Info about natto and the spike protein comes from Peter McCullough, MD (cardiologist), former employee of Baylor in Texas. Google his name and “covid vaccine”.

There is in vitro basis for the assertion, as shown by the Japanese sources. There is no in vivo study yet, however.

It could be a true find, or a dud. I am guided by the article of an oncology researcher, Derek Lowe.

It’s weird and startling, though, if you haven’t had the opportunity to go back through clinical research (and even patient treatment) and seen how many things looked like they worked and really didn’t. It happens again and again. Alzheimer’s drugs, obesity drugs, cardiovascular drugs, osteoporosis drugs: over and over there have been what looked like positive results that evaporated on closer inspection. After you’ve experienced this a few times, you take the lesson to heart that the only way to be sure about these things is to run sufficiently powered controlled trials. No short cuts, no gut feelings - just data.

Natto is harmless, however, and provides other benefits. But I will take it for the other benefits, not the spike protein dissolution. There is dried powder from Korea, so that may obviate the strong smell.

But it still wouldn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream only amino acids are

Why would the lipid nanoparticles float around forever and not eventually find a cell to merge with? If they couldn’t be broken down in the first place.

Also dissolution of mRNA vs. the spike protein is two different things yet he seems to mix them together.

It’s the modified mrna that is resistant to breakdown and of course the lnp only become a problem when they merge and spike gets produced

Yes the mRNA is modified to avoid detection by the immune system, etc. The spike is meant to be detected (obviously).

The spike may be present in long Covid sufferers.

Paper is a pre-print, not yet peer reviewed.

In a preprint paper uploaded to medRxiv in June, researchers reported detecting a fragment of SARS-CoV-2 in blood samples from long COVID sufferers up to a year after their original infection. The fragment is a spike protein, one of the protrusions around the outside of SARS-CoV-2 that give this coronavirus its namesake corona, or crownlike appearance. During an initial COVID infection, the spike protein typically breaks off into smaller pieces when it penetrates human cells, but the spike proteins observed in this study were still in one piece. The findings have not yet been peer-reviewed.

That’s what I used to think, too. There’s plenty of evidence nowadays that nattokinase and other proteolytic enzymes do in fact get absorbed intact, especially when enterically coated and taken on an empty stomach. Effective management of atherosclerosis progress and hyperlipidemia with nattokinase: A clinical study with 1,062 participants - PubMed

That’s because there is a ‘dormant’ source producing the protein, namely SARS-CoV-2 itself as it says in the article. You won’t produce spike proteins for long after getting the vaccine, nor does it say it is the spike proteins themselves causing the problem. It’s like smoke with a fire.

Also the vaccine has a modified spike protein in a ‘pre-fusion’ configuration to avoid the spike collapsing on itself. Which apparently means it cannot bind or enter cells.

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In my view taking serrapeptase would work much better, and or both serrapeptase and natto.

You would need them to be in an " acid proof" capsules to survive the stomach acid.

There is a company that manufactures/sells a product{serrapeptase and natto] in an acid proof capsules, I have post this early part of last year{2022] on this forum

I agree it is the SARS-CoV-2 that produces the spike, not the vaccine. Even the Japanese articles cited by McCullough talk about the spike protein from the virus, not spike from the vaccine. McCullough conveniently elides the very title his first cited Japanese article, to push his anti-vaccine view.

Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2

Title says spike protein of SARS, not of the vaccine.

But for long Covid sufferers, dissolution of the spike may be beneficial.

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