Davin Lim on topical sirolimus -- better for aging skin than tretinoin?

His conclusion is that combining both sirolimus and tretinoin (or tazarotene) is probably the way to go.


Interesting. I’ve been alternating… Retin-A one day, then topical Sirolimus cream the next. Seems to be working well for the past year. No issues. And of course oral rapamycin too.

I alternate tret and taz in the evenings. I’ll take a day off if irritated. I also use a penetration enhancer with spicules these days-- VT Reedle Shot 100. I use homemade sirolimus and homemade L-ascorbic + commercial sunscreen (Anthelios UVmune or Altruist) in the mornings.

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Ah - so you’re talking about this product:


What are “spicules”?

Spicules are needle-like silica structures from marine sponges.

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Where does one buy good quality topical sirolimus?

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Good question or perhaps a better question is what sort of formula can one use to create your own sirolimus cream.

It’s harder than one might imagine to make retin-a, even though a person can buy USP retin-a powder because it’s very unstable, so it must be compounded with a vehicle that makes a good delivery and one that protects it.

I have no clue as to whether sirolimus (rapamycin) needs such protection, but I doubt it, and suspect that a person could create their own gel/cream.

A cursory search in indiamart.com shows no sirolimus cream, but I suspect that next year, at this time, it will. One kg of sirolimus powder is $143. Someplace here someone did a post on sirolimus powder analysis from China and I seem to remember that it was not positive for quality.

And many of us are indeed making our own.

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Its pretty easy to make yourself: DIY Rapamycin skin cream

The only place I know where it is easy to buy is this online service:

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Well, pray tell… will you share particulars so we too can become young and beautiful (or handsome) again?

Oops… I just saw RapAdmin’s do-it-yourself post… wheeeeeeee…

Do you buy these spicules somehow, or are they in this product you mentioned (I can’t see any reference to them): VT CICA X HYALON REEDLE SHOT 100 50mL 브이티 시카 X 히알론 리들샷 100 50mL – SUNSHINEMALL KOREA BEAUTY

I keep it super simple: rapamycin, transcutol, distilled water. I had planned to post about it when I had clear results, but the pigmentation is taking a long time to fade, so I haven’t yet.

I know buying the powder from China is questionable but for skin application can you over dose? I’m not sure 0.25% or 1% is strong enough… Any suggestions?

I think buying the rapamycin powder from China is fine for topical applications. The Drexel university study found that none of the topically applied sirolimus went into the blood stream - and there is a wide range of dosing levels reported in different topical rapamycin studies - from 0.1% up to 2.0% I think, and no issues in this range from what I’ve read, so I don’t think its possible to overdose topical rapamycin if you’re following these protocols (the only caveat here is if you’re using DMSO as an absorption enhancer, in which case it seems likely it may get to the blood stream and there are possible issues).

More: Rapamycin May Slow Skin Aging (Drexel U. Study)

For rapamycin powder sources, see here: Sirolimus Powder - 3rd party analysis


I found this on Indiamart.


They appear in the ingredients list as “silica, centella asiatica extract.”

If you want to try a VT reedle product, iherb is quickest.


The pump dispenser minimizes but does not completely eliminate air contact with the product.

There are others on the market but usually priced higher.

If you want to try DIY you can buy spicule powder from bulknaturals.com or on ebay.

I would use a spicules skincare patent as a guide if I wanted to do this.

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