Dasatinib Side Effects

Hi everyone,

For those of you who are taking Dasatinib, I am very interested to hear what side effects you experienced, and the extent of those side effects (IE: How long did they last).

I have just finished a course of Dasatinib 100mg 1day per week for 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks was with 1000mg of quercetin and then the 3rd week 1600mg Q + 400mg Fisetin.

Week #1:

A slight headache between the eyes within the first 24 hour period (enough to warrant pain medication);
A couple of mild waves of nausea (but no vomiting) the next day (but still with 24 hr period)
An intense but brief wave of nausea 6 days after the dose (but no vomiting)

Week #2:

A slight headache between the eyes within the first 24 hour period (but not enough to warrant taking pain medication)

Week #3:

A slight headache between the eyes within the first 24 hour period (no pain meds taken)
4 days later I feel a little off - not exactly nausea but something funny in the stomach and little fatigued

What symptoms did you have and how long did they last?

I’d love to hear your feedback.


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When I take dastinib in the morning, I always get a slight fullness in the head in the evening. Its similar to a niacin flush, not quite a headache and not quite a flush. I expect to take one acetaminophen at bedtime to prevent it from interfering with my sleep.

I havent noticed anything beyond that.

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thank you @CTStan!

How much Dasatinib do you take and how often?

100mg with Q&F biweekly


Have only done it once, with standard 100 mg dose.
Within hours had nausea and headache. 12-15 hrs post dose, full out rigors. Not a pleasant experience.

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thank you @KarlT

do you plan to try it again?

Aside from all these unpleasant side effects, has anyone noticed any actual benefits in their health parameters from taking Dasatinib?

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Leaning towards yes, but wondering if the other senolytics are good enough to forego Dasatinib

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@brandy111, I think it’s too early to say for me, since I just completed my third dose last week.

I’ll be taking some blood tests in a couple of weeks prior to starting Rapamycin.

Have you taken it yourself?

Basil_Dev: No, I haven’t taken dasatinib, fisetin, quercetin, or any other senolytics (yet).

KarlT: What benefit(s) have you noticed?

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I’ve just completed a biannual course of dasatinib (100mg x 2 days) and quercetin (1200 mg x 2 days). I take it a couple of hours before bedtime. The first night I’ll have a low-grade headache that I can sleep through, and it usually clears by morning. On one occasion I felt the need to take some paracetamol. On the second day, I don’t feel much of anything.

I use an Indian generic, but I had the same side effect when I got the dasatinib from a compound provider in the US.

As for benefits, to be honest, I can’t really say I notice anything. For me, it’s a preventative intervention, so I’m not expecting much at this point.


@Bataille , I got the low grade headache as well.

I haven’t noticed any benefits so far either. I also use the Indian generic brand.

It’s good to know you had the same side effects with the compound provider, as I often wonder whether the Indian brand is the real deal, but I have no way of getting it on prescription here.

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I have noticed benefits to my numerous supplements but don’t know if any benefits are due to senolytics.

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I have been in sirolimus for 6 months and my periodontal disease (which I struggled with over 10 years) is gone–pockets are now 2’s & 3’s and a coupla 4’s–previously many 5’s & 6’s.
also my plantar fasciitis, something I had over 15 years, is now also gone. My severe spinal osteoarthritis is stiff, but not painful anymore–I no longer want tramadol from my pcp (who wouldn’t give it anyway)
As I’m an ApoE4 carrier, Dr Green recommended dasatinib 100mg with 1000 Quercetin for 2 days every other month starting at 6 months of rapa. I took one dose at night 2 weeks ago and had pretty good nausea in the morning and a headache–went away with some ondansetron & a tiny bit of codeine.
Took another dose last nite–100 D + 1000Q
same deal. A little trouble sleeping
May try a lower dose of D–it seems like a very powerful drug to me. Also I’m aware of recommendation to use fisetin now–just don’t have it yet.


@coop that is amazing!

I also have periodontal disease that is stable, but I have receded gums as a result.

It would be great if we could grow back the lost gums, but I think that may be a bit of a stretch.

What dosage of rapamycin are you taking?

I take my D&Q&F in the morning. By night time I will always have the start of a headache so I take 1 or 2 tylenols at bedtime just in case. That has always been sufficient.

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Rapamycin rejuvenates oral health in aging mice | eLife
“Here, we demonstrate that short-term treatment with rapamycin rejuvenates the aged oral cavity of elderly mice, including regeneration of periodontal bone, attenuation of gingival and periodontal bone inflammation, and revertive shift of the oral microbiome toward a more youthful composition. This provides a geroscience strategy to potentially rejuvenate oral health and reverse periodontal disease in the elderly.”
I dont believe its such a stretch. I think my pockets have improved, will know for sure at next dental appt.

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my pockets were 5’s and 6’s, now 2s & 3s, with a couple of 4s. Completely normal, in other words.

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I take 5 mg sirolimus once a week

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wouldn’t that be great if we could grown back our gums and bone!

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