Coffee linked to Longevity


Don’t most coffee makers boil water that touches plastic? Maybe this doesn’t abrogate the longevity “benefits” on average, but I’m concerned about the effects of continually increasing microplastic exposure for those pushing the very high/extreme ends of longevity (most of us won’t die from the “standard killers” of ppl in their 80s)

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One should be more concerned with the quality of the water, which unless using RO filters, contain chlorine, bromine, arsenic, lead, etc.


There is a probably no substance on earth that people have tried to “prove” was bad for you more than coffee. Since the 1700s with King Gustav in Sweden, people have been certain that somehow coffee was a deal with the devil and attempted to do experiments once and for all to find the negative effects. Instead, over and over, it has been shown that coffee actually improves health in multiple ways.

Which makes me very happy, because I love coffee.


“Which makes me very happy, because I love coffee.”
Ditto. I am thoroughly convinced black coffee extends health spans and probably lifespans.


Agree, but ironic that benefits accrue whether with or without caffeine, add milk, sugar, etc. There are hundreds of (beneficial) chemicals in coffee, which may desire the credit.

Large, mostly survey studies are easy, but nobody willing to pay for extensive, detailed surveys, identifying sources of the beans, how consumed, etc.

And like diets, sometimes I wonder if it is what is NOT included, rather than what is. In this case, perhaps those who drink coffee, do that instead of eating more, or drinking alcohol, or consuming trans fat foods, etc.

And like marathon runners, it may be, not that coffee helps overall mobidity and mortality, but rather those who are healthier, tend to drink more coffee.


I recommend this for water purification. Filters last 10 years and are good enough to filter red food coloring dye out of the water. In fact that’s the first test they recommend you do with your Birky to make sure it’s functioning correctly. We put this on our back porch but it works great on the counter by the sink too.

Can’t cite it, but several years ago I read a study saying coffee made with paper filters leads to the best health. French press and espresso were associated with some health risks, as I recall.


What’s the healthiest way to brew coffee? - Harvard Health.
Researchers found that coffee drinkers typically enjoyed longer lives than nondrinkers, but only if the java was filtered – suggesting espresso lovers might be out of luck.
"Filtered coffee linked to better heart health

"Sorry espresso lovers: Filtered coffee linked to better heart health -


I don’t use filters for coffee, because use water after thru an R.O. filter. But I have no doubt that many filters contain questionable chemicals.

Separately, re a prior post: there is a huge associating/ causal link, between gum / teeth issues, and heart disease & stroke. Much info available online.

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If you want an extra healthy longevity coffee, you can do the following:

  1. Replace the sugar with glycine. Glycine is sweet and unlike sugar will help you live longer.

  2. Replace the cream with hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Tastes like cream but is great for your skin and healthspan. Maybe even longevity as well.

Your coffee will taste different yet similar. Except now it will be a lot healthier!


Nice… coffee as a suggestion for use.

I just bought some hydrolyzed protein - collagen Peptides on Amazon.

When the label said use in coffee… I thought really? No way!

Thanks for confirming it works. I will try it in the morning. Let you know what I think of the taste.


This is is the same brand {Forest Leaf] of collagen peptides I have been using for the past 3 months.

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I take collagen peptides in tea, but because of the taste I add a Lapsang Souchong teabag. I would think Coffee may be a strong enough taste to overcome the peptides itself.

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Exactly. Collagen peptides go well with coffee as the coffee taste overpowers the collagen taste.


Joseph wrote: This is is the same brand {Forest Leaf] of collagen peptides I have been using for the past 3 months

My buddy for the past decade+… told me to get the Forest Leaf brand… he uses it. We discuss rapamycin and all kinds of age prevention and health ideas. He does regular fasting… eats very healthy.

Has me looking at checking my GK+ blood glucose and ketones. Will do with him this week and report back.

Hard to believe he will be 39 years in a few months. Looks 20 something.


Have to say the coffee was amazing.

Cut two Glycine capsules and put in cup.

Added a big spoonful of Collagen.

Mixed great.

Added a bit of honey and coffee creamer.

Had with Dutch coffee cake from Pella, Iowa… yum!

Looks like my new bio coffee hack. Thanks!!


Mike, sorry to ask: but if you don’t use a coffee filter, how do you remove (potentially harmful) terpenes?

Hi, Sash –
First, not sure what terpenes you refer to? However, I use a Reverse Osmosis water filter for water that goes into coffee pot. TDS (total dissolved solids) measure about 2-5; pure distilled water would be zero. Almost all chemicals are also removed.

For many years I use organic coffee, mostly grown on small farms, on high elevations, which tends to eliminate molds, etc. They are also grown / packaged in small lots, so unlike major distribution channels, they have not been on trucks, or on shelves for long periods.

Probably not related to your question, but terpenes in cannabis are thought to be some of the more healthy aspects of the product.