Citrulline Supplementation Induces Changes in Body Composition and Limits Age-Related Metabolic Changes in Healthy Male Rats

Quite interesting. Not as powerful as taurine for longevity, but it appears to help metabolically and improve muscle gain. Seems to be good for cholesterol as well. Supposed to be good for BP too.

Compared with the NEAA-treated group, citrulline supplementation was associated with lower mortality (0% vs. 20%; P = 0.05), 9% higher lean body mass (P < 0.05), and 13% lower fat mass (P < 0.05). Compared with the NEAA-treated group, citrulline-treated rats had greater muscle mass (+14–48% depending on type of muscle; P < 0.05 for tibialis, gastrocnemius, and plantaris). Susceptibility to oxidation of lipoproteins, as measured by the maximal concentration of 7-ketocholesterol after copper-induced VLDL and LDL oxidation, was lower in citrulline-treated rats than in NEAA-treated rats (187 ± 8 μmol/L vs. 243 ± 7 μmol/L; P = 0.0005).

The biggest problem with this study is it did not measure lifespan. The best we can get is that none of the rats in the Citrulline group died and 20% of the non citrulline group died. This points towards a lifespan increase but unfortunately they did not carry the experiment out until the rats died naturally.


I bought this to try out. I will try 3-6 g daily.