Citrulline Glycine Lemonade

I just made an interesting discovery. I received my Citrulline yesterday and it has a very citrusy-lemon/lime-like flavour. I normally drink an after dinner decaffeinated fruit tea (pick your fruit) and add 4-5 g of Glycine to it. Last night, I added 6 g of Citrulline as well. It tasted very similar to a strawberry lemonade which is a big bonus.

As for the effects, it appears Citrulline can have a big effect on BP as I was on the verge of low BP a couple of times. I get a bit dizzy when I go below 110 (Normally 120-128), so it appears 6 g of Citrulline may take your BP down 10-15 pts. Also, I had a general feeling of well-being after taking it. Citrulline also increases blood levels of arginine more than taking arginine directly.

Taking citrulline increases plasma levels of arginine and improves the ammonia recycling process and nitric oxide metabolism .

Just wanted to share this tasty and healthful drink for those of you who may want to bring your BP down and Nitrous Oxide levels up. It’s also helpful in detoxifying your body.

There was also a human study that hints at taking Citrulline to reduce all-cause mortality in critically ill patients.

For mortality, in the citrulline group, there was two deaths compared to eight deaths in the control group .


I’m definitely going to try this.

I have chronically high blood pressure with a family history of cardiovascular disease. I’m on meds (Losartan 100mg + Guanfacine) but if I take more I’m prone to randomly sudden and large drops in BP (the 65/30 episide scared the bejeezus out of me). A little dizziness is fine, especially if I’m home and it’s close to bedtime

When I’ve taken herbs claimed to have BP lowering properties (eg beet powder, others) I don’t see any difference. But I happen to have some citrulline powder so it’s easy to try.


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Let me know if you get an actual measurement of the decrease in BP. I don’t have a BP monitor at home so I am gauging based on feeling and experience. Good luck!

Well it’s about an hour later and my BP is a bit lower than usual. Will need to see if it’s a pattern.

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I don’t think it’s going to be a miracle cure, but I do think it is a worthy incremental improvement. Especially for those with high BP, LDL and inflammation.

Which form? I have citrulline palate :nauseated_face:

L-Citrulline powder or Citrulline Malate.

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Today, I incorporated a baseline dose of citrulline (6g, without malate) as a pre-training supplement and was pleasantly surprised by the immediate effects. Notably, my blood pressure, which I measure manually using a pressure gauge and stethoscope, showed a significant reduction. My evening reading dropped from the usual 130 to 124 (systolic), which is noteworthy given the typically low variability in my measurement results.

I’m intrigued by these initial findings and plan to continue this experiment. @DeStrider, based on your experience, would you suggest taking citrulline in the evening or in the morning for optimal benefits? I’m also taking glycine and NAC - but in the evening, as I’ve found that glycine tends to have a sedative effect on me.


I take it in the evening, but I don’t really know whether the morning or evening would be optimal. However, based on research, it should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

Maybe take it when your BP is typically highest during the day to relieve pressure?

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