Carnosine Supplementation

After watching Dr. Fahys videos, it seems he is doing something right. He is taking 1.5 grams of Carnosine daily.

Is there a better form of carnosine, say just taking b-alanine?

Any other suggestions for carnosine supplementation?


Carnosine gets broken down into beta alanine and histidine anyway, so beta alanine requires 1 less step. Histidine is one of the most abundant amino acids so no need to supplement it.

Beta alanine is one of few supplements I take of which I actually feel a real benefit. The only downside is the paraesthesia but that can be mitigated with frequent small doses as opposed to a larger bolus



I ordered/purchased the Bestvite brand in capsules, as the Bestvite brand has no filler added. Just the compound in the capsules.

Paid $50.39 (Retail $55.99 -10% discount code*) including delivery in the US for two bottles of 120 each bottle/500mg capsules. Direct from Bestvite web site.

  • The discount code I used “2022JAN01” without the quotes, yes the date is old but it did work, ordered 12th of February, 2023

I have no interest in Bestvite, just a paying customer have purchased several products over the year’s.

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Just bought 500 g Beta Alanine powder. Here’s hoping for a healthier life!

It makes me ride my bike faster…

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Where did you get this information?

From the video below:


I really like the idea of reverting senescent cells into healthy cells instead of purging them.

I’m taking L-carnosine powder by Bulk Supplemets and Zinc-carnosine by Integrative therapeutics.


Why both?

And at what dose?

I don’t take them at the same time, but rather alternate. Zink carnosine is excellent for maintaining stomach lining healthy. I take it as needed. I add powder l-carnosine, approx 250 mg to my morning smoothie. Recommended dose is 500 mg.


If the purpose is to reverse senescent cells, do you really need to take it every day? Why not pulse it like D&Q?

For its muscle and endurance benefits, though, I’ll go with Fahy’s 1.5 gram dose.

Is he taking rapamycin along with HgH?

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“If the purpose is to reverse senescent cells, do you really need to take it every day? Why not pulse it like D&Q?”

FWIW: Just for fun I posed the question to

“There is currently limited scientific evidence to support the use of Carnosine for reversing senescent cells. However, if you do choose to take Carnosine for this purpose, it is not clear whether cycling on and off would be effective. It is possible that regular, consistent use may be necessary for any potential benefits.”

Yeh, Examine isn’t that convinced either.

Fahy is usually pretty conservative, although the video wouldn’t give that impression. But no matter, since I will be using beta alanine in place of l-carnosine to mix into my smoothie, and smoothie making is somewhat irregular…

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Carnosine is primarily utilized as one of the best compounds for inhibiting glycation and AGE formation.


Carnosine and the processes of ageing


Therapeutic Potential of Carnosine and Its Derivatives in the Treatment of Human Diseases

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Why carnosine when you can just do metformin and taurine? Carnosine is way more expensive. I’m also tired of taking too many supplements - it gets to the point where taking some makes it less likely for me to take others


The cost is less than .30¢ per 500mg capsules. Bulk cost is even less

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