Cardiovascular Health

For half a century, a high level of total cholesterol (TC) or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) has been considered to be the major cause of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (CVD), and statin treatment has been widely promoted for cardiovascular prevention. However, there is an increasing understanding that the mechanisms are more complicated and that statin treatment, in particular when used as primary prevention, is of doubtful benefit.

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He works as a scientist as far as I can tell with a Ph.D in biology, other than the MD. If we want to talk about credentials, when the data/arguments are most important.


To be clear I am currently not taking a statin as my LDLc levels are not that high, but I am taking niacin to keep my LDLc at a moderate level.



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I am surprised that Dr. Paulding protocol is not being discussed in here. Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to fight CVD is high doses of Vit C and high doses of L-lysine. The science is simple to understand, plus testimonials from thousands of people. The only thing is you really need high doses for maintenance (i.e. i do 3000mg of each daily for 5 days, with 2 days rest) and even higher if you already have CVD, more like 3000mg’s of each three times daily to reverse angina. I cook with organic butter, and use organic heavy whipping cream (love the taste) almost on everything, from steaks, to soups to even milk and yogurt, and sometimes i just drink it lol. I’m at very high risk with several family members (mom, dad, grandfather etc…) having dies from heart problems, yet i’m in late 50’s and never had a problem. Been doing this for last 20 years.

How are your kidneys, being on high doses of Vit C for a long time?

My kidneys are just fine, no problems at all. But as I said I usually do 5 days on 2 days of or two weeks on 4-5 days off any supplements. Btw, I have never gotten sick in last 20 years, not even a cold.

What is your apoB kansel?

You left out the proline.

Linus Paulings protocol of high dose daily - Vit C (6g), lysine (3g) and proline (3g) for heart disease.

Inexpensive insurance.

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“The body can make proline on its own, but it is also consumed in the diet. A typical diet contains about 5 grams of proline daily. The primary sources are protein-rich foods including meat, fish, and dairy. Proline can also be taken as a supplement.” WebMD

I honestly don’t know. Last time i Had blood work was 5 years ago at 50 and the doc said everything is perfect. I self medicate so to speak (with food and supplements. i.e to protect against cancer i eat 3 ground spoonful of flax seed, to protect against heart disease i do vitamin c high dose and lysine high dose, to burn energy I use Niacin, for brain health i use wild COD liver oil, for joint and muscle health I do collagen peptides etc…) and if I don’t feel sick I don’t go to the doc. My way of knowing if all is good is I really pay attention on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Unless I’m sick which i have never been in last 30 years or so, i don’t go to a doc or do any blood work. Only once in 10 years and I know for many that is nuts, but my theory is that if I’m 55 and I feel exactly as i did 20 years ago at 35 why should go I to a doc, or do anything different.
BTW, I’m having cold feet about rapa, i stopped it three weeks ago. In some ways I felt it was doing some good but in other ways i felt it wasn’t. For whatever it is worth, i think rapa made me get more white hair, sounds weird but i noticed more white hair after using rapa for couple months or so (maybe it is just the hair decided to go white by itself LOL). I never used it acarbose though, and maybe i should have tried it together… but to be honest in a weird way i felt my age, I don’t know how to explain it, but most of the time i feel as if i’m 10-15 years younger and with RAPA kind of felt my age, NOT in a bad way, but just in weird way if it makes sense.

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I never used proline for some reason. I felt VIT C and L-Lysine were doing enough for me. Don’t know either way but all i know i’m very healthy, no meds, no heart problems, and never get the flew, covid or cold, but i up the dose in flu season to 6000mg’s of VitC and 6000 MG’s L-Lysine daily divided in two or three doses depending on if i work or am at home.

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I also was doing high doses of Vit d3 but someone told me (actually on these forums) that it gives you muscle cramps. I actually thought that muscle cramps were a side effect of RAPA, but then someone asked me if i was also taking Vitd3 and actually when i stopped D3 the cramps also stopped. I used to like Vtd D but now is in my “Do not touch category” lol.

Whatever you do, look at your apoB, if whatever treatments you do don’t lower apoB IMO I think it’s unlikely to affect your heart disease risk. I’m not a doctor so do check with one. With family history it is especially important to keep apoB low, in control.

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It’s great that you feel fine. I also feel fine, however if I did not measure my cholesterol I wouldn’t know that it’s elevated and needs immediate attention. Without measuring creatinine and BUN, I wouldn’t know if my kidneys function well. Without a complete bloodwork I wouldn’t even guess that my WBC are abnormally low. A friend of mine was feeling just fine and was full of energy and suddenly learned that he had a problem after having colonoscopy done. Having physical done once a year should be incorporated in everybody’s lifestyle. It’s easy to do and it’s very informative too :blush:


sorry but I have never done a colonoscopy and I guarantee you I will NEVER EVER do one either. In my case i do extensive blood work every ten years, so far every measurement has been excellent, or perfect as the doctor puts it. I am next due in about 4 years. Again, i know my body really well, and those that say they feel fine and all of the sudden they are in death bed, trust me they have no clue what feeling well means. They have been sick for most of their adult life and that has become the norm, thus they were feeling just “fine”. If I ever feel sick, or if tomorrow morning i feel way different than today (in a negative way) you bet i’ll go to a doctor and do extensive blood work. Until then this man is set to live to the ripe age of 110 to 130 without ever going to a doc, or taking any medicine, only supplements, food, and heavy lifts, and later in life some yoga. Something tells me I’ll be just fine.

I think if you ate 3 spoonful of ground organic flax seed(mixed in a2 milk, or yogurt is good) each day, you can skip colonoscopy. No need for it. Do also three day fasts every 3-4 months that will help a lot in fighting or preventing many, if not all, disease.

Well you can’t feel apoB or heart disease risk, until you get a heart attack. I suggest watching a few podcasts with Peter Attia and people like Thomas Dayspring and Allan Sniderman, it’s totally up to you. It’s a very sneaky killer. They’re like assassins.

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Guess I’m just plain unlucky then.
I first tried statins about 15 years ago.
I wondered why I developed severe abdominal pains and constipation…
After trying several things (with no effect) I stopped the statin…and the pain stopped inside a day. The constipation took about 6 months to resolve.
Fast forward to September 2021 and an incorrect interpretation of a CT scan convinced a cardiologist that I had multiple blockages and needed stents and statins! I argued against the statins but he insisted. Within (I kid you not) ONE HOUR of taking the first statin tablet I had abdominal rumblings and pain. After 5 days I was almost bent double by pain so I stopped. The pain resolved after a day or two, but the constipation was severe, total and lasted until right this month, so 20 months! Nothing worked; not probiotics nor prunes!
There’s not enough money in the world to get me to take a statin ever again!

I don’t watch Dr. Atia any longer ever since he suggested having 5 meals per day. plus he’s gone mainstream with eat your vegies crap. I’m more of a carnivore and fasting type of guy. To me anyone that is against fasting has absolutely no clue about health and should NOT be a doctor. Plus, in one of podcast I heard him say that he was doing heavy exercises while fasting to gain muscle, but he couldn’t gain any so he stopped doing fasting. How on planet earth can you gain muscle if your calorie/protein intake is zero, and supposedly he is a doctor LOL, and that did it to me on him. So from now on Atia is in my list of being a total BOZO.

Stop eating any carbs whatsoever, including vegies and eat a lot of Beef (organic if you can find) plus take high doses of Vit C and L-Lysine daily for about one year, and then go moderate dose there after, and all (not just some) heart problems will disappear. To me those that go on medication without trying first Paulding protocol are completely stupid. Fasting would be a HUGE help also. As simple as that.