Can rapamycin improve sinus tissue and nose health in the elderly?

@desertshores made a reply about a year and a half ago on “The Age of Adaline” post that had me thinking… will my nose and ears look bigger as I age???

WebMD: Noses and ears are made of cartilage, a flexible tissue that’s harder than skin but softer than bone. It wears down over time and doesn’t give as much support to the skin on top of it. Your skin also loses elasticity and firmness over time, and it tends to sag. Loose or [sagging skin].(Healthy Beauty: Skin, Hair, Nails, Anti-Aging, and Cosmetic Surgery Tips) over a weaker cartilage frame makes ears and noses look longer.

I have been noticing facial changes with the rapamycin (now 3.5 years of weekly use no breaks) and my face is not getting more saggy (actually fuller - just as the “crepey skin” has gone away, on arms and neck. My eyesight is better, hearing is better and my dentists (two) say my gums and teeth are incredible at my age - no periodontal issues. My sinus seems to be rejuvenating or repairing at least. My nose is more firm and thicker as is my face in the area around the nose. Nasolabial folds have diminished. My nose is moist inside - breathing better - no dryness (another sign of aging). Also, I was a regular Flonaz user since my mid-50’s in spring and fall, due to the emergence of latent allergies to pollen. Past two years no more allergies. Completely gone at almost 66 years.

I compare this to a friend’s dog that seemed to be on death’s door at 14 years (human age 98 years) - mostly arthritic – in a dog bed with a warming blanket on top. The dog’s nose was dry hard and scabby - I was told it had been that way for years. After 3 months of weekly 2mg rapamycin - the dog’s nose was wet and cool to the touch, scabs gone. It suddenly was curious about new spaces - sniffing in every room of the house and at friend’s homes (again something it had not done for years). It started coming to the kitchen when food was being cooked (like it could smell again). Arthritis went away and the dog was wandering from the yard smelling and following its nose - another new behavior. It has been over a year - the last video sent to me - the pup now 15 or 105 years in human years was swimming around a pool. CRAZY!

It was this dog nose, and sinus rejuvenation that I have been thinking about and comparing to my increased nose - sinus health.

Any other elderly - several years rapamycin users noticing the improved nose, ear and eye improvements?


“Arthritis went away” That was one of the first things I noticed after taking rapamycin at fairly large doses for the first few weeks after I started rapamycin.
The most incredible part to me was the relief from hip pain which I had had for several years, especially at night.
I am pain-free except for some lower back pain I get from stooping over too much.
As for the nose and ear thing. My ears are not prominent and my larger nose is inherited.
Also, rapamycin greatly improved my extensively sun-damaged skin and stopped “essential” age-related hand tremors
Rapamycin has stopped my skin from aging in its tracks I only wish I had been able to start sooner.


Even us younger people have things we regret not starting earlier. Don’t fret over it too much, at least you took care of your cholesterol and blood sugar years ago before they could kill you now.