Can Fecal Transplants Help Reverse Aging?

Is anyone looking into these? Seems to be an interesting area of research, but still a ways out. I’ve not seen any companies working on this yet to productize the research.

Transplanting fecal microbiota from young mice into older mice can reverse signs of aging in the gut, brain, and eyes, a team of scientists from the United Kingdom has found. Conversely, transplanting microbiota from old mice to young mice has the opposite effect.

This research provides “tantalizing evidence for the direct involvement of gut microbes in aging and the functional decline of brain function and vision and offers a potential solution in the form of gut microbe replacement therapy,” Simon Carding, PhD, who heads the gut microbes and health research program at the Quadram Institute in Norwich, says in a news release.


Everything You Need to Know About Fecal Transplant Pills & Capsules


Perhaps in the future parents of toddlers can take advantage of their children’s dirty diapers – using these fecal transplant capsules to grow younger themselves…

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So there’s no way to do this trans-rectally with some kind of “poop enema” and it has to be pills? Either way is icky, but taking poop would be a hard pill to swallow.


This is a very interesting field to follow. Too many positive papers and studies shown not to ignore it. I believe there is a company in the UK that has done this for years already. Bought tube transplants and pill transplants for longevity reasons and not specific deceases.
Looking to optimize my gut health myself, read a paper yesterday that men with swollen prostate should stay away from fermented foods as the chances of developing prostate cancer shoots up with this diet, 1 hour after I stocked up on sour kraut, greek yoghurt etc. :frowning:
so I guess probiotic in pill form is the safest way for me

Are you sure it was fermented foods and not preserved foods (meat w/nitrates, etc)? Is it a published/peer reviewed paper?

This has been available,

Without first screening the sample in a lab for pathogens, you are putting yourself at high risk for complications and even death / sepsis.

If you want to throw caution to the wind, you can simply obtain a sample and give yourself an enema with the sample.

Your colonic microbiome would definitely be modified.

This is VERY risky and could kill you.

To answer your question, it does not need to be delivered from the upper GI tract with a pill.


Preserved and fermented. The article is not too precise, but an interesting read.

Keep in mind this is article is almost 2 decades old and used food questionnaires which are notoriously unreliable, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest fermented foods have any real health detriment, only benefits. Meats preserved with nitrates are a different “animal” altogether. I certainly wouldn’t eliminate yogurt, etc based on that one study from 2004.


Not even thinking about doing anything like that, just wondering why all the research seems to be with pills rather than more “direct” transplantation, or even using the capsules as suppositories rather than taken orally.


One positive vote on oral fecal transplants… :grinning:

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LOL. Now that’s 'IN-fluencing"

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If I can’t swallow a pill, will there be a chewable tablet available?