Buying Rapamycin in the Netherlands

I’m following Blueprint.

I’m from the Netherlands, Europe.

So I need

Anybody here have experience buying and importing that they could share with me?

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You can try these services,

They can prescribe EU Prescriptions that are valid in all EU countries. Could work unless nederlands has special restrictions.

If that does not work for you. Then you can try:

Use indian pharmacy. There are lots of posts about reliable indian pharmacies. (Though they can not send to sweden.)


The prescription from EUdoctor is accepted, the pharmacies here in the Netherlands give the drugs.

I wouldn’t bother with Indian, my package got seized.

BGpharma delivers, it’s just stupidly expensive.

Pfizer rapamune is stupidly expensive everywhere in the world… so its not an issue related to BGpharma. In fact, I suspect its the lowest cost rapamune in Europe (other than that purchased directly in Turkey).

But - I’m curious. I thought rapamune is the only version of rapamycin / sirolimus that is approved in Europe? If you get a prescription via EUDoc, what version of sirolimus are you picking up at the pharmacy (locally)? It is rapamune? Is it less expensive than the Turkish / BGpharma stuff?


I get 100 1 mg rapamune at a price of 3992 Swedish kronor. Approx 396 US $.

As seen today, on website from Turkish pharmacy, the list price is now 6049 Turkish lira for 100 1 mg rapamune, approx 205 US $


I haven’t seen anything other than Rapamune in official EU pharmacies.

Currently, I’m living in Germany where 3x30mg costs about 940 Euros (1040 dollars). Attempting to import alternatives from India is not a viable option due to Germany’s stringent laws; in fact, there are hefty fines and legal consequences for trying to import prescription medications.

I also don’t find Turkish pharmacies always trustworthy (subjective opinion).

I was in Poland: but pharmacies there accepting only prescription from local doctors. However, I’ve found a practical solution during short trips to France. Besides enjoying the exquisite French cuisine, I also switch my prescription 3x30mg to Rapamune, which are surprisingly more affordable – around 350 Euros.

If someone from Germany in this forum interested in details - send me a PM.