Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Other reports suggest they don’t like any shipments of prescription drugs. We probably won’t see news articles about the March operation (assuming the vendors have accurate information) until after the LE PR teams release metrics of success.

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Hi, I am new here! Thanks for the list and past user experiences. I see that all pharmacies/vendors sell rapamycin in strips so if you order a lot you end up with a bunch of boxes. Has anyone come across rapamycin sold in bottles? Alternatively, can you ask the vendor to repack it in a bottle? It’s impossible to import drugs to Ukraine without a prescription but if you bundle a bottled drug with supplements in one parcel you can get it through customs.


Since it is medicine, my guess would be that they would not put it into bottles. I’m not aware that there is bottled rapa (at least the generic version that comes from India), but it is best to contact someone and ask. I would also be cautious of the risk of contamination when they break the packaging to put it in bottles. Me personally would NOT use/take it if it was meddled with/repackaged. I would also be wary of the expiry/going bad sooner than in original packaging.

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Hi @vkodryan , and welcome to our forums. The only place I’ve seen rapamycin come in “bottles” (or pill containers) is when you buy them from a pharmacy in the USA with a prescription. That is how we typically (or at least frequently) get many of our medications. But when you buy the medicines from India, yes, they all come in bubble or foil strips with 6 or 10 tablets per strip.

I really doubt that these online pharmacies are going to do what you are thinking - repackage them and ship them to you. Its probably not worth the time and effort for them.

Other approaches you might investigate are the European prescription options (EUDoc, etc.) and perhaps use that to buy in Ukraine (I wonder if they would accept a EU prescription)? Or there is an online pharmacy (BGPharma) in Bulgaria that ships anywhere, but again the Rapamune is in strips so that may not help you.

Sorry, I can’t see any obvious solutions.


I live in Netherlands. From my previous experience Dutch customs confiscated the drugs from India. So it doesn’t matter whether you have prescriptions and they didn’t give you chance to explain to them.

See this thread for people in the Netherlands: My Experience: Rapamycin in the Netherlands through Pharmacies

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Hi all, I just received the following pricing from Oddway for my order, and would like to know what you think of these prices. Shipping is $30 / 8-10days.
If anyone has ordered from Oddway, which payment method did you use?They accept Telegraphic Transfer and bank transfer. I have a Wise account. Is using Wise considered a telegraphic transfer?
Rybelsus 7 mg 9 packs $ 50 per pack of 10 tablets- Yikes, could this be a mistake, or is this typical for Rybelsus?

Jardiance 25mg 9 packs $12.5 per strip of 10 tablets
Glucar 25mg 9 packs $ 10 per strip of 10 tablets
Dasatinib 50mg 1 pack of 60 tablets $75
Rapacan 1 mg 16 packs $14 per strip of 10 tablets = $1.40/tab

Oddway tends to be a little more expensive than the others - perhaps 10% to 20% more than the cheaper ones. See prices comparison here Rapamycin etc., Purchase Price Comparison Spreadsheet, and Issues Discussion

But Oddway has been responsive for the orders I have made with them. They are a larger business than most of the online pharmacies I think.

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Is Wise the same as a telegraphic transfer?

I think wise is like a wire transfer to a bank (also called at bank transfer). I’ve done bank wire transfers with Oddway, but not used Wise. I would hope they would take Wise (or similar web-based money transfer services) as its much less expensive (wire transfers with my bank are about $45, wereas Wise transfers are in the $5 to $10 range I think. I used Oddway a few years ago. I typically use a different online pharmacy each purchase. They have all delivered, so the only real difference is price and service, and what happens if the order is kept by customs (do they reship?).

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An FYI in case others don’t know- I just tried to get pricing on GNH’s website, and their form requires a prescription.

What is GNH? Link to website?

This is steep. You should be able to get it elsewhere around .80/tab


This is steep also. I got mine for $8/ strip of 10.

Like many here, used Maulik
300 1mg Biocon Rapacan $225 on my VISA
Received in 10 days
whatsapp 91 99251 71777
Very pleasant transaction


Yes… I ordered from Oddway recently. Their prices seemed reasonable to me and their service was quick and generally excellent.

Recommended based on my experience last month!

I don’t know what a telegraphic transfer is.
WISE is an excellent service…I’ve been using them a lot over 3 years. Their’s is similar to what I think of as a Bank Transfer…but they don’t send to India.

One of my relative is a regular follower of this site. He found about Oddway International on this list and suggested me to buy my medicines from them so I decided to buy Rapamycin from them online. I have to say, my experience was fantastic. Their medicine is top-notch, and they offer it at a reasonable price. Plus, their delivery was quick, which really impressed me.

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Great that it worked for you, but I will not buy from them. Their prices are anywhere from 20%-50% higher than Anil’s and Jagdish’s for the same product, and I always received my medicine as ordered. So why pay higher prices.


Under the companies to avoid list, I’d like to add:

Delhi Ncr Pharmacy / GST : 07AARFD9592K1ZI (from IndiaMart).

I was buying something else (daridorexant), paid $250, and then “Vishu” made up a story about not having access to the account anymore, and asked me to pay again.

“Good day sir there is a little problem with the Zelle Payment Is there anyway you can cancel the payment to get a Refund and Resend?”

Classic scam, I’ve been told. (He knows Zelle payments can’t be canceled.)