Blue Zones: Worth watching on Netflix and book is available on Amazon (Longevity Extension)

Greetings-First Time Poster–finally had something new & what I believe is useful to share.

-About me: 51, been on 5 mg Rapa (Sirolimus) 1x/weekly for @ 3 years. No noticeable effects other than feeling “overly optimistic/elevated euphoria” the day I take it. Can’t be placebo bc it happens every time, lasts about 4-6 hours; subtle, not intense. Just an an elevated sense of optimism. Very unexpected, but cool to look forward to. Mouth sores about 4x in the past 3 years, mild. Otherwise, I’m lucky to be in great health. No conditions, I eat well, exercise significantly, sleep well, and don’t take any other medication/supplements or otherwise, other than modafanil on working days for cognitive boost (1/2 pill). I’ve done Peter’s annual scans (i.e. full body MRI, etc.) and all negative.

I recently watched on Netflix: Live to 100: Secrets to the Blue Zones, which for me had the greatest relevance with dietary adjustments. No meat-plant only. The science seems solid, and I ran it by my naturopath, who somewhat begrudgingly agreed with the exception that according to him some amino acids in meats are more bioavailable than the same ones found in plants. Key word: Same one found in plants. So, I haven’t done the granular work yet, but, my net analysis so far is that cutting down on meats for protein and amino acids and switching to plant-based for the most part has a clinically significant net advantage on lifespan (I love good/clean meat). So, just sharing as news/discussion point, and for everyone’s best interest in longevity.


Hi and welcome to our site and forums. Sounds like rapamycin is generally working for you, without to many side effects.

I still need to watch the Netflix program on the Blue Zones - but we have had a few discussions related to the research. You can see related threads:

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so glad to see rapa makes on you the same effects it makes as on me - I used to think it was placebo effect -, i.e. more energy and some sort of enthusiasm for 2/3 glorious hours. I use to take it on thursday at breakfast, that is when I play a 2 hour padel tournament early in the morning and it works sweet like sort of doping on my way of playing, really.

And yes, I have learned also that legumes - best vegetarian source of proteins (lentils, chickpeas and beans) have a good amount of proteins, as meat, but lack a bit of a couple of them.

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