Blood concentration of rapamycin (N of 1 dosage, model and biomarkers)

I finally got my blood test results and here is my pharmacokinetic model fitted to them.

I like when experimental results are in accordance with the theory!

Some data about the experiment:
I’m 61 yo, 67kg

  • Took 8 mg Dr Reddy’s rapamycin tablets from GetHeathspan with 15ml of EVOO
  • First blood draw 2h later
  • 2nd one 25h later
  • 3rd one 47h later
  • 4th one 97h later

The half life of 83h is on the high end of what is generally seen.

I was taking 6mg weekly and that’s too much in fact. In the next plot I simulate 6mg weekly and 12mg every 2 weeks. We see that 6mg weekly does not go low enough after 1 week and we have an accumulation after a few weeks. I will probably switch to 10~12mg every 2 weeks.

I also did a lipid panel + hsCRP the day before and 4 days after

Before After
TC (mg/dl) 99 116
LDL (mg/dl) 25 39
HDL (mg/dl) 66 65
TG (mg/dl) 42 49
hsCRP (mg/l) 0.89 0.9

Basically nothing changed except for the LDL which significantly increased.


Very interesting! Me thinks I may be switching to dosing every two weeks!

Thanks for sharing!!

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Same here. I was already planning to switch from 6mg weekly to 12mg every 2 weeks.

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[Having some duplicate posting issue here]
I’ve added the time above 1 and 3 ng/ml and sadly the time above 3ng/ml is just the blood distribution peak so is useless.
Basically 8mg is not enough for me to have any significative time above 3 ng/ml.
That said if we target 1 ng/ml then it’s plenty. Too bad we currently don’t really know the proper target level for longevity.

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That TC of 99 vs 116, I’m sure where very careful to not eat (??) prior to the 116 within 24 hrs which could be the cause of higher TC… Few realize the sad same machine, same blood sample run through twice result variance. Just a reality in production blood testing.

A blurb on TC/LDL variances on same person from one day to the next + or - 20%…

I always only test Tue at 8:30 am after a nothing different Monday. But this Rap every few hours, surely there was a meal in there?

tnx for this! For me, my absorbsion of rapa is quite low from my blood testing and I have to use all the boosters and take a decent size larger dose, 20mg ish, to get into the 20 nm/m (??) std measure units, range.

At an older age, the studies re higher TC/LDL re resistance to covid, disease to me says, higher TC is a good thing and 116 for me is too low. Just me.

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