Biohacker Summit - Hack Aging Through Autophagy

I have not seen this organisation (company?) before. It seems a bit woo woo for me, but this video seemed to be relatively good.


Thank you for sharing! Nice overall review of aging. I need to reinvest more thought into purposeful use of spermidine. I am a metformin fan, but a good reminder of block processes and what downstream effects possibly happen especially with healthy young people trying out many of the tools of hacking aging.

If I am interpreting her slide correctly we only need three geroprotector supplements, with the exception of the reverse transcriptase inhibitors:

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Sadly, we are a long way from having a way to clinically measure our autophagy levels, or understand the optimal autophagy levels, or exactly how different drugs or compounds impact the exact level of autophagy, so its hard to translate to actions…

Here: What’s autophagy? It’s the ultimate detox that doesn’t yet live up to the hype

Here: Measuring Autophagy in Body and Brain, Comparing Autophagy Activators

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Rapa and Spermadine would do it with 2 !

I dont agree with everything she says

Maybe, but I find it easier to take acarbose and lithium than spermidine.

Does anyone know the name of the lady that gave this presentation on autophagy? I would like to try to contact her.

At 8:16 in her presentation she has a slide that states: ”Dysregulated autophagy is a cause and not a consequence of aging.” Raj, et al, 2020.

I did a PubMed search for Raj, et al. 2020. Could not find it…???

Her name is Leslie Kenny

Try contacting her through;

Could it be Stephen D Raj? I cannot access the full paper.

The paper is from 2021, but it uses the term Leslie Kenny used - geroprotectors. It is a paper about natural products, which is the recommendation of her presentation.

Over the past decade, significant attention has been given to repurposing Food and Drug Administration approved drugs to treat age-related diseases. In contrast, less consideration has been given to natural bioactive compounds. Consequently, there have been limited attempts to translate these compounds. Autophagy is a fundamental biological pathway linked to aging, and numerous strategies to enhance autophagy have been shown to extend lifespan. Interestingly, there are a number of natural products that are reported to modulate autophagy, and here we describe a number of them that activate autophagy through diverse molecular and cellular mechanisms. Among these, Urolithin A, Spermidine, Resveratrol, Fatty Acids and Phospholipids, Trehalose and Lithium are featured in detail. Finally, we outline possible strategies to optimise and increase the translatability of natural products, with the overall aim of delaying the ageing process and improving human healthspan.

Where I think they are wrong is that I think as a consequence of aging autophagy stops working as well. I do think the efficiency in terms of mitochondria is key (both for ATP (GTP) in translation and also for acetyl-CoA for various purposes including transcription).

Beclin1/BECN1 (a key autophagy gene) is a long gene and so is more likely to encounter problems as cells get older.