Biocon versus Zydus?

The Indiamart supplier I have used a couple of times is saying they can’t get my usual Siromus (Zydus) and instead only have Rapacan (Biocon) available. Two questions: 1/ anyone else seeing this shortage from Zydus? 2/ any concern with switching to Rapacan?

same deal. The supplier I ordered from said a recent batch had to be discarded and it will be a wait for more. I have some supply of Zydus currently so i’m just going to wait. There is one person on here who had there serum levels checked after taking Biocon and it was lower than expected (although it could have been a timing issue / something else). There is also the mysterious spike on the Valisure test that I have not heard a good explanation for other than it could be filler. It would be nice if there was something that i could be pointed to that was hard evidence of its efficacy and safety other than speculation.

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Just received this week Sirolimus tablets 1mg from Magicine Pharma an IndiaMart vendor. Box says marketed by Zydus Trans-Immune (A div of Cadila Healthcare) also says Siromus (trademark)


Please read the thread:

I have used Biocon Rapacan in the past and had no problems with Rapacan.
I will probably go back to using Biocon Rapacan in the future because it is easier to obtain and is normally cheaper.

Be sure to take the Biocon with EVOO or other oils. In fact I coat mine befor swallowing. The Biocon and Zydus disintegrate very fast in the stomach and it has been posted that we want to delay the disintegration until after it leaves the stomach.

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Yes, same here. I tried to buy Zydus and Jagdish told me there would be a delay because a batch had to be tossed.

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FYI my Zydus order that has been delayed for 5 weeks, due to supply issues, has just been shipped from Kachhela medex

I ended up ordering Biocon for now. Will see if it reacts the same way in my system. If it does may stick with it or go back to Zydus when it comes back online. Will report back.

What is the price they are selling the zydus for in your last purchase?

180 Siromus by Zydus. $ 220 USD Including shipping

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Kachhela also sells their Sirokem brand

Thanks a lot for this @desertshores ,

Have you used Dr. Reddy? I saw a post in this platform saying that Rapacan (biocon) did not help with joint pain and nail fungus, but Dr.Reddy rapamycin pills indeed helped with both issues. That comment defines a clear difference in effect between the two. I do not know if that was a scam-comment promoting Dr.Reddy. So I’m asking you as you are very knowledgable in the topic.

So your experience with Rapacan Biocon seem to be good. Am I right? (As far as they are taken with Oil) My main question here would be, could you rate your bioavaliability/results/experience with all the brands you have used?

I have used Rapacan/Biocon for a while. 0.15mg/kg once a week and I have not noticed any effects. I was expecting to “feel” something and to see some reduction in my fungus of toe nails. But no “feelings” and no progress against fungus have been seen. I’m about to buy my new batch, but now I’m hesitatant to buy Biocon because It feels like it is not being absorbed properly.

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