Bicalutamide/spironolactone or other antiandrogens to suppress testosterone? Chemical/Physical Castration?

B/c male sex hormones just SUCK and i HATE having them

Sinclair posted a tweet showing that male uncastrated sheep epigenetically age more quickly.

All the trans ppl I know prefer bica to spiro (spiro can cause spiro bodies)… A lot of them also know how to source cheap bica.

Also does estradiol itself suppress testosterone?

athways by which 17aE2 alters mTORC1 function are uncertain, though it is noteworthy that many of the effects of 17aE2 on male mice are absent when this agent is given to males that had been castrated at 3 months of age (Garratt et al., 2017), implying that testosterone or some related hormone is required for effective 17aE2 action.

There’s also the study where Korean eunuchs had an incredibly high number of centenarians.

The thought of longevity through this method crossed my mind for only a moment though.


Not even for a moment…sex is probably the reason (or at least one of the reasons) many people want increased healthy longevity :wink:

But yes, probably effective for longevity:


Yeah but some people can’t get any sex, or it is completely unimportant for them (for me, male sex hormones/organs have caused nothing but pure pure misery). Thankfully it is not the most important thing bc I don’t look like a man, but god I just want to be castrated (and I have ALWAYS wanted to be castrated). The red tape is just too much for me.

Also some just want to be in control of their sex drive (one asked me for bica b/c he didn’t want to have a high sex drive all the time)

Go for Dutasteride then.

Why Dutasteride over bica?

Keeps your prostate healthy, helps you keep your hair on your head, and lowers sex drive…


But the ITP suggests that males respond better to many interventions…

@AlexKChen you have historically ducked this question but what are you doing for resistance and cardio vascular exercise? Is your BMI below the healthy range? Imo, having a sustainable and effective training program should supersede any diet or drug.

@AlexKChen a new paper you may find interesting.

While not something i would ever consider, there seems to be a case to be made for men to get “fixed”, while younger and then reverse the process when and if you want to have kids? Though i don’t know if just cutting the tubes would make any difference… I wonder if there are surgical options that can be reversed but also lower aging (short of removal of gonads)

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Thanks for the reference - I’ll look into it

Jessica Hoffman has done important research in this (see Spaying and neutering dogs can help them live longer - News | UAB )

Austad and Hoffman say spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier, happier lives because they have fewer behavioral issues and they are less susceptible to infections, degenerative diseases, and traumatic/violent causes of death. Spaying also protects female dogs, spayed before their first estrogen cycle, from mammary cancer.

Oh definitely, they would definitely eliminate the suffering and problem of IRL /incels. I probably lost 3-4 entire years to “girl issues” alone - “girl issues” includes being in relationships one shouldn’t have ever been in which then makes the time wastage a MUCH MORE relatable problem

(my drive is now so low that I’m thankfully almost guaranteed to be over them). I am strongly in favor of increased eunuchdom.

More on eunuchs -

The Blog Comment That Achieved an Internet Miracle - The Atlantic is super-important too. Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to attract a female mate. I know people who are bitter at not having one. The entire process is incredibly socially wasteful, and it’s just better for the world for there to be castrated (and un-bitter/un-ravenous!) people who focuses entirely on science/the Internet.

There are very very very few cause areas I am willing to donate to (given my limited funds) - promoting voluntary human castration is one of these few areas.

[if only getting castrated in Thailand was easier…]


Women live longer and we are not sure of all of the reasons why. Osterine and Lgd-4033 are a couple of molecules that could be useful for men. They bind to the androgen receptor and help to grow muscle, bone, and connective tissue. They also cause the pituitary to lower luteinizing hormone, testosterone, and sex hormone binding globulin. Bodybuilders use/abuse these chemicals to grow muscle, but they also turn off the testes. Castrated men often suffer from osteoporosis, but lgd-4033 prevents osteoporosis. I would be concerned about heart disease with long term use of these research chemicals. Some testosterone aromatizes into estrogen in a healthy male and this seems to protect the heart. Eunuchs do not have more heart disease than average as far as I know. Does the adrenal cortex regulate estrogen in a castrated male? There are no long term studies of lgd-4033 for the purpose of chemical castration in humans or animals, but it seems like a good candidate. We do know that lgd-4033 halts benign prostate hyperplasia, and may prevent or treat prostate cancer… As with so many molecules we need good studies.

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Here is some information on castrated dogs. They have a lot more hip problems: Golden retriever study suggests neutering affects dog health.

Chemical castration seems preferable to removal of the testes since it is often reversible to some extent.

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