Bicalutamide/spironolactone or other antiandrogens to suppress testosterone? Chemical/Physical Castration?

B/c male sex hormones just SUCK and i HATE having them

Sinclair posted a tweet showing that male uncastrated sheep epigenetically age more quickly.

All the trans ppl I know prefer bica to spiro (spiro can cause spiro bodies)… A lot of them also know how to source cheap bica.

Also does estradiol itself suppress testosterone?

athways by which 17aE2 alters mTORC1 function are uncertain, though it is noteworthy that many of the effects of 17aE2 on male mice are absent when this agent is given to males that had been castrated at 3 months of age (Garratt et al., 2017), implying that testosterone or some related hormone is required for effective 17aE2 action.

There’s also the study where Korean eunuchs had an incredibly high number of centenarians.

The thought of longevity through this method crossed my mind for only a moment though.


Not even for a moment…sex is probably the reason (or at least one of the reasons) many people want increased healthy longevity :wink:

But yes, probably effective for longevity:


Yeah but some people can’t get any sex, or it is completely unimportant for them (for me, male sex hormones/organs have caused nothing but pure pure misery). Thankfully it is not the most important thing bc I don’t look like a man, but god I just want to be castrated (and I have ALWAYS wanted to be castrated). The red tape is just too much for me.

Also some just want to be in control of their sex drive (one asked me for bica b/c he didn’t want to have a high sex drive all the time)

Go for Dutasteride then.

Why Dutasteride over bica?

Keeps your prostate healthy, helps you keep your hair on your head, and lowers sex drive…

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But the ITP suggests that males respond better to many interventions…

@AlexKChen you have historically ducked this question but what are you doing for resistance and cardio vascular exercise? Is your BMI below the healthy range? Imo, having a sustainable and effective training program should supersede any diet or drug.