Are there immunosenescence risks of excess antigenic burden from getting too many vaccinations/COVID booster shots?

“As we age, we accumulate an “antigenic burden,” the sum of all the
antigenic stresses (both internal and external) that we unavoidably
encounter throughout life, which causes the progressive activation of
macrophages and other immune-cell types. This low-level chronic
activation leads to the continuous production of inflammatory factors
such as cytokines and chemokines, which raises basal levels of these
factors throughout the body”


Probably less of an antigenic burden than a high viral load of the disease itself. Inflammation from the illness can be really nasty.


Myocarditis from virus >>> myocarditis from vaccines. And we already know annual flu shot is a huge prevention factor for heart disease. The known effect size of taking influenza shot every single year is far greater than the unproven effect size you are hypothesizing.

Ever had sepsis/SIRS before? Sucks. Long COVID sucks too - wonder how the disability insurers are going to handle it. Older adults are less likely to get long COVID actually.

I am enrolled in a bunch of vaccine trials so I’m probably biased. The only caveat is I don’t mindlessly take experimental vaccines without fully understanding the microbio and immunology (I happen to know a lot of infectious disease physicians and did infectious disease research before with a NIH/NIAID grant). I never got covid so far (unless it was asymptomatic) with rapa + trials - been a lucky 2/3 roll for the interventions group so I get the variant specific one before it hits the market. Trial guy said I had amazing antibody level (hard to say with T cell immunity tho!).

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I also got a Tdap vaccine for the cross protection against Covid.

Also got pneumovax and shingles vaccines.

I’m the antithesis of an anti vaxer.


Yeah, but like, if you already have been boosted and am wondering whether or not to get boosted again with a booster that ISN’T for BA.5, this is relevant.

Linking to an earlier thread here : Vaccines for longevity

"And there is concern that if people get the same shot too many times it could be counter-productive — by kind of training their immune systems to only try to fight off the original strain instead of protecting against new variants. Although this remains a theoretical risk, some say the evidence that it might be real is growing.

“There’s this phenomenon of imprinting also known as original antigenic sin where if you continue to give doses of the same vaccine you could in a sense trap the immune system of wanting to respond to the original virus and not adapting as well to future variants,” says Dr. Céline Gounder, an infectious disease specialist and a fellow at Kaiser Family Foundation."

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Empirically, large multicenter prospective trials on influenza vaccine vs CVD risk and death have very strong evidence that shows flu shots work, even if you are “imprinted” with the flu vaccine as a child. The effect size is massive and hard to ignore for any scientist. I suspect to support your theory - you’d need quite some extraordinary evidence.

COVID vaccine mixing and Beta strain vaccine outcomes don’t seem to have any signs indicating the supposed empirical support that theory proponents would expect. So it really makes no sense so far.

Not to mention, I got the experimental Omicron variant COVID vaccine and have living proof that it is fine for me.

Maybe for older people could be an issue, but it doesn’t seem to be so far based on trial results. Maybe we might see something with several years or decades of different variants.

I would look for stronger empiric support for that theory first in terms of direct death-related outcomes since there’s quite a bit going against it. We have such a large sample size showing no death.

It’s pretty hard to argue with death vs no death with large numbers in terms of precise evidence to support a theory.