Anyone taking Nattokinase? Why not?

I believe their capsules are enteric coated. I’ve had demonstrable benefit from their Neprinol (natto-, serratipeotudase and amla).

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Their Neprinol page does state that it’s in an acid-resistance capsule (in the “FAQS” section). The page for Nattovena page doesn’t say anything similar. :man_shrugging:

I’d be interested in hearing more about the benefits that you observed with Neprinol. I might try it after my course of Nattovena.

I’ve been taking 35+ supplements twice a day for at least 2 years. I do not take rapa yet but I am looking at it.

I’ve been taking 4,000FU twice per day for a total of 8,000FU/day (DoubleWood nattokinase) for over a year and starting in 2024 started taking 6,000FU twice per day for a total of 12,000FU/day.

I’ve run no tests before or after. I asked for a CAC and Drs said no so far. Had an aortic valve replacement and 3-way bypass in late 2017.

I am trying to do everything that I can to extend my life and get my cardiovascular disease under control.


About sixteen years ago a carotid scan was pretty bad (3/5 Framingham quintile but 5-years risk). I did nine months of Neprinol 3x3/day in empty stomach and a course of EDTA -IV. My lipids are genetically bad to boot. After that period redid scan and there was a nearly zero score. Three more months doing Neprinol 3x1/ day, it was then zero. I now do annual 30-day Neprinol of 3x1/day. Last carotid scan about 2 years ago and was completely clean and heart scan was in the teens total and no particular bad spots. This year I switched to cyclodextrin on account of a PRP injection that I didn’t want to interfere with (rotator cuff tear). Hope that helps. I’ll look into where I heard about coating.